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Happy New Year 2016

January 2, 2016

I get so excited about the new year!  I enjoy reflecting on the past year and pondering new ideas for the year ahead.  It’s such a good time for personal growth.

This year I followed an outline from intelligent change that prompted me to review my year through my journal and list the things from the year that should be celebrated ( big and small).  It’s always good to start with wins and be thankful for the good things…

Next, I wrote down the things I was doing when I achieved my best results.. I loved this because it helped me see best what worked for me as an individual.

Then, I had to look at a tough part.  What mistakes did I make over and over again.  ugh!  There were plenty… it was good to focus on exactly what I want to improve on.  I also looked back on my year and chose a word to describe it.

Finally, I wrote down some experiences and achievements I want to be able to look back on next year.  I decided my most important goal and listed strategies for how to make it happen.  Now all that’s left is taking action…

We also do this as a family just on a little more simple scale.  We talk with the kids about our highlights and goals and ask them to name theirs too!  They have fun with it and I hope it teaches them to dream and encourages them to make their dreams come true.   It was encouraging this year to see that we all achieved or made progress towards our goals!!! The kiddos were pretty excited about this, and so was I!!!

This year I’m making some adjustment to the blog front… I will be focusing more on homemaking.  Homemaking is my passion and I originally created this blog to document making our house a home so I want to focus my attention towards that.  I will try to post a simple homemaking idea or project I’m focusing on once a week on the blog.  I may end up adding other bits of our lifestyle too!  I document most of our everyday on my instagram so that is where I’ll be posting most of our lifestyle photos.

I’m looking forward to this new focus and next stage of my journey.  I love each of you for reading and following along with us here.  I started this blog not just for our own scrapbook but also to connect and relate to people.  I have been so encouraged this year at how many people tell me they enjoy my blog and it inspires me to keep going and believe in community and sharing.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this new year!!!

So many well wishes to you and yours!!!

Look for my first simple homemaking post on Monday!


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