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Why Going Somewhere Is Important…

February 3, 2016

Filed in: Family Life

Sometimes we need a breath of fresh air.  A new perspective.  A getaway.  I’m a believer in creating the kind of life where you can live everyday like your on vacation, but I’m also a dreamer, an adventurer, and I really like going places and seeing new things.  It’s inspiring and educational.  My hubs and I want to be able to travel and explore this big wide world as well as teach our children about it.  Our children are our legacy and we want to show them all the things we know plus more.  Something special happens when you get away from your normal environment and talk to strangers, or stand in a place that’s much bigger than you.  That’s where I find a lot of beauty and maturity.

When I was young I was fortunate because I had grandparents who took me on vacations and experiences with them so I got to see a little out of my box and that definitely shaped my outlook on life, our world, and people.  It’s a gift to live as a traveler.  I can see that and I want that.  Just because it’s a gift doesn’t mean however that you have to wait until it happens to you or you get to do it.  No, no, no… it’s out there waiting for us to make it happen.   Start somewhere, start now.  challenge yourself to step outside the box and discover something you haven’t.  Go Somewhere. Anywhere.

This was our trip from this weekend with friends.  We just went a hop and a skip away from the Ozark hills to the Ozark mountains.  The simplicity of the outdoors, exercise, laughing, lots of laughing, and making memories made for a great experience and a refreshing time.

Where are some places you’ve enjoyed going? I’d love to hear!!!

xx, kc


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