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Small Talk – {featuring PEEK kids summer style}

June 8, 2016

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I love the transition to summer!  The kids getting out of school.  Planning fun summer activities… We try to take full advantage of summertime around here 😉  The kiddos have been busy this time of year with dance, ball, and just plain playing outside.  Here’s some small talk on things I want to remember from May….


Dakota Rose –

  •  She is moved by music.  She dances, twirls, and feels the rhythm wherever she goes.  She feels it deep.  Names the artists,  sets up playlists, sings along to the words or at least what she thinks are the words. ;P  She really lights up to music.  My most favorite is that she still insists I sing her a lullaby every night at bedtime.  This was even on her list of favorite things from the mother’s day book she made me at school.  It swells my heart. <3   She also did amazing at her dance recital.  I actually teared up, which is not like me, but to see her so happy up there and not to mention being such a good little dancer made me very proud!  She’s a natural and did I mention she’s been teaching Jake to two step – remind me to video that;P
  • She is quite the competitor in softball this year.  She has hit a home run almost every game!  She really likes to win -haha!  She started pitching machine this season so we keep score now and she keeps track let me tell ya.  When we’ve lost she cried.  I love her winning spirit.  She’s gonna make it in life I think:)

Jake Wyatt –

  • My baseball boy.  The all american.  He’s doing so good.  He’s five and he can already play catch in the air with me and Jared.   We might be just a little bit proud.  What makes me more proud though is his heart.  He doesn’t know how good he is and his focus isn’t on himself.  He cares so much for others.  He is so thoughtful towards others and always the first to help someone who needs it.  He observes and acts.  He’s the one that holds the door and kisses all the babies.  The girls are gonna love this one.
  • He’s also reading books with me that have a repeating section like green eggs and ham.  He loves story time.  <3

Finnley Keith –

  • Fun, adventure seeker, contagious smile, full of life, storyteller, lover, frog catcher, super hero, stylist, explorer, ORIGINAL.  What more could I ask for?  He’s one of a kind:)  My baby is growing.  He’s testing the world around him at all times.  He is also a great athlete, however, he hasn’t been as motivated as Dakota and Jake.  This was his first year of  T ball.  He started out eating snow cones on the bench.  Then he moved to catcher and then outfield when he wasn’t kicking the dirt and throwing rocks at the coach (aka his dad)  Oh my this kid!  We finally promoted him to pitcher a couple times and he did awesome!  He just needed to be busy, you know how it is when your 4.
  • I mentioned stylist above because he definitely makes his mark with his style.  He likes to dress himself.  Never a dull look.  But hey, he’s the type that can pull it off.  His style icons… Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers.  If you haven’t caught on by now he has a slight obsession with super heroes.  He calls them by their real names and although he likes to wear the costumes, when he’s not in disguise, he’s dressed the part of their real person character.  It’s pretty much hilarious!

I had mentioned in my last post some things I was looking to purchase for the kids to kick off summer season and they are wearing some things I bought in these photos.  If your interested in a great kids brand, PEEK is one I highly recommend.  It’s by far my favorite!  They are such quality garments with such original and unique detail.  I am always even more impressed when I see their stuff in person.  My kids LOVE wearing everything I’ve ever bought and what I buy outlasts everything else by a mile.  I’ve linked some of their cutest summer styles below!



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