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Hobbies & Happiness

July 28, 2016

Filed in: Womanhood

imageimageAs a momma sometimes I get so busy I hardly take time for myself.  This happens right??  It happened to me for sure.  I let myself forget about myself.  I lost track of who I was and the things I liked to do.  One day someone asked me to list out my hobbies and I seriously couldn’t think of any?!?…  As I tried to write them down I noticed I had considered my hobbies as all the things we did as a family.  For instance, hiking, or playing at the river, basically whatever we did for fun on the weekends.  Although these could be considered hobbies for someone, they were not my specific personal hobbies.  I do love doing those activities but let me explain how I discovered my PERSONAL hobbies and why THEY make ME happy:)

First off, I started to think about the importance of a hobby and why it mattered.  Many studies show great benefits in having a hobby.  People with a hobby find joy and pleasure in something, they get better at the skill and show increase in confidance and self esteem, they learn new lessons,  have a mental or physical outlet, connect with others who have similar interests, and sometimes a hobby can even become a career!  Hobbies lead to better overall wellness and I’m all for that.  In fact, I dug deep to discover mine so that I could be the best version of myself.

I began to think about what I love to do… what could I “play” at all day long and never once look up to tell the time.  What would I spend all my extra money on if I could?  What am I passionate about?  For me it was a few things… home design, photography, reading, and anything physical.  I was surprised!  I’m a very competitive and athletic person so I always thought my hobbies were suited to be more active.  Funny how that works.  I bet you’ll be surprised when you really consider yours too!

I’m so glad I recognized my hobbies and include them in my days now because I’ve noticed that the studies are true, hobbies bring happiness.  A fulfillment to who you really are, a peace within yourself.

What’s a hobby you enjoy and could start including in your everyday?  Once you think of it, get started!!!


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