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Photo Collective… How Do Your Walls Tell Your Story?

September 7, 2016

Filed in: Homemaking

Our homes are our most personal space.  Shouldn’t they tell our intimate story?  Our walls should read who we are and where we’ve been… How have we lived and whom have we loved?


As I pieced together some of our most cherished memories for this collection of wall photos I found myself being VERY selective…   which  I didn’t expect… I had feared I wouldn’t be able to choose between all the photos,  but for it to truly authenticate us it needed to be really specific.  A carefully chosen collection of pictures that portrayed us.  Our core nature.


I also realized quickly that as big as my wall was,  it could never be big enough!  So I could only choose the very best!  I didn’t just choose the perfect ones though… I chose the photos with life in them! I wanted them to come to life when passed by.  To have a story behind them.


I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. When you can’t hardly look without a smile or a moment to stop, pause, and reminisce then it’s safe to say you have a quality photo collective.


What do you want your walls to say about you?

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  1. Dawn says:

    Love it! I have been trying to find the picture of you girls with your grandma. Did it make the collection on the stairs?? Of all your beautiful photography, it’s my favorite picture hands-down. Because it tells a snippet of the story of one of the most beautiful women i’ve known, and the legacy she has left behind.

    • KC O'BRIEN says:

      Oh Dawn -Thank you for such beautiful words about grammy. I love that photo too! Cherish it so much!!! I actually didn’t include it on this wall because I’m keeping this one just our little family. The other gallery in the hallway has all the extended family, but I have an idea I’m wanting to do with that photo in a different special place so time will tell…;) love you so much and glad you loved the post!!!

  2. Poppa Joppa says:

    Looking good care bear.

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