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Making Memories One on One… 3 Ways to Spend Quality Time

September 23, 2016

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I spend a lot of time with my kids.  However, quantity isn’t always the best.  QUALITY time is the most memorable!  How do we make sure it’s QUALITY?  Here’s a few factors that make all the difference…  It should be interesting and engaging, it should evoke emotion, and a bond should naturally develop from sharing something special together.  Think back to your younger days… What are your best memories one on one with someone?  Most often it’s a spontaneous event that wasn’t planned, but it can be intentional!  How do we make sure we spend quality time with the people we love the most?  Here’s a few ideas for you to consider…


Make a Bucket List –

  • Sit down together and make a list of things you would each like to do.  We do this seasonally, but you could do monthly bucket lists as well.  This helps to see what matters to one another and gives a good outline to begin.  Make a Bucket List!

Plan for Margin –

  • Plan for margin in your schedule to participate in these events with full attention (no distractions).  Some margin for just letting yourself “BE” with your loved one is so important.  This allows for memorable moments to happen organically and unplanned, which makes for the best ones.   If you take your child on a walk, don’t have your head in your phone, in fact leave it behind.  There is nothing quality about checking your screen (do you remember this being a part of your most beloved memory -no.  Plan for margin!

Observe and Listen –

  • Pay close attention to your loved one and let them lead.  Take a cue from what they’re doing or saying and lean into that.  My kids are always wanting to sit on my lap and drive down the dirt road to our house.  So many times I’ve told them no, but when I say yes we slow down, share a memory, and laugh really hard!  This is a simple example, but I think you get the point… If we just take time to notice the little things it can influence the situation in many positive ways.   Observe and Listen



When I remember the best times it wasn’t because it was something grand.  It was because someone was showing me they cared.  Time with our young is passing us by.  They need our attention and more importantly our PRESENCE.  Are you ready for some one on one time?  What do you have in mind?  Make it happen!


Live For The Most,



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