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Cold Wear… The Best Gear + My Simple Workout

January 27, 2017

Filed in: Womanhood

I’m not a true blue worker outer if I’m being honest… ; p  I love being in shape and active, but it’s never been a priority for me to spend lots of free time making sure I have the perfect body.  Of course, we’d all love to have a model’s figure, but what’s most important is being a model of fitness.  Being dedicated and consistent in taking care of yourself and continually learning to focus on your wellness.  Not for the sake of vanity and good looks, but for the sake of feeling healthy and giving your best to yourself and others.   When your mindful of this, I think it’s only natural that your outer appearance will shine!

As a busy mom I don’t have the luxury of a lot of TIME for working out, I set aside ten minutes every morning to do a few little moves to get my body’s blood pumping for the day.  Ten minutes is pretty doable and I easily fit in 3 sets of 10 jumping jacks, push ups, and crunches of some kind ;P  It doesn’t take long at all and It’s something that I can modify on days I’m not feeling quiet with it, or vamp up for days I’m feeling good!  It’s a part of my morning rhythm and it gives me some extra energy to start the day.  It’s not a work out that will change my figure or anything like that…. However, it does keep me strong and toned.  It’s surprising how small amounts put in daily can add up over time!

I typically work out in my pajamas before I even get ready, but I wear active wear or work out clothes most every day just because they are so comfy and cute!  I’ve linked below some of my favorite winter pieces I love to work out in or just wear.







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