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Encouraging Positivity In Our Home

March 1, 2017

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Postive words in your life can do a lot of good.  We all know reading and hearing inspiring quotes can motivate us big in life.  As homemakers it’s our job to care for the people in our home.  We typically think of caring for our people with the obvious necessities, but don’t forget about the things that aren’t as obvious.  Don’t forget about the power of feelings.  Making someone feel good and positive goes way beyond caring for their basic needs.  It fosters confidence, wisdom, and maturity.  Never underestimate the power that wise words and good vibes can create.  Our families may forget many things we do for them, but they will always remember the way we made them feel.  Foster encouragement and positivity in your home.  Pay close attention to the little ways you can care for those you love.  Surround them with love and kindness.

I discovered a great resource for this in Sugarbooandco.  I fell in love with their mission of putting good into the world by first putting good into our home.  They are decor artisans that have come to be a favorite of mine!

I have added some of my favorite pieces here and there along the way.  Don’t be intimidated by their large pricier items because they have recently created some smaller scale pieces with their best work on them at just the right price range!  Their paper products, poetry sticks, and love notes are beautiful and reasonable!!!

If purchasing an art piece is not something your able to squeeze in the budget just yet, then grab a cheap chalkboard and write your own favorite quote, verse, or poem.  I started with chalkboards and love the personalization they allow and add.

Live For The Most,


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