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How To Achieve A Simple Wardrobe

February 27, 2017

Filed in: Womanhood

I have heard the word “capsule” thrown around a lot in the past couple of years in reference to clothing and having a curated wardrobe, but I just never quite got on board, until now…

Over the past few years I’ve been simplifying things and just getting a better overall idea of what works best for me and my family.  I’ve been spring cleaning lately, and going through everyone’s closets so when Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia Journal landed in my lap it was perfect timing!  She had a piece in the most recent print about creating the perfect capsule and since I adore her and everything she does, maybe her influence won me over to the capsule realm.  I got busy organizing each person in my family their own capsule wardrobe!  Maybe I went overboard 😉  I’m loving it though!

This is the process I followed…

Think about your weekly lifestyle.  What do you do?  What type of clothes do you need?

(Since I don’t work a 9-5, I don’t need many dress clothes… I typically only dress up for special occasions and church.  I wear a lot of casual clothing and some active wear.)

Think about set numbers…  

(I likely need a few pairs of jeans, one light, one dark, and one colored.  Five to seven tops, a few casual and a few detailed in the mix.  A few dresses, a few jackets/cardigans, a couple active outfits, a few sets of pj’s, and then some shoes… In spring and summer I can get by with a pair of booties, wedges, flip flops, tennis shoes, and some flats of some type… oops can’t forget my rubber boots for chores 😉  I even went through my jewelry and lessoned the choices there too!  Once you have a rough idea of the amount of clothes you actually need for the things you do in life it is super clear.)

Lay out all clothes on the bed or floor.  Now pile them in three piles.  One for yes, one for no, and one for seasonal clothing.

(Don’t hold on to anything that has holes or stains, an unflattering shape, or you haven’t worn in forever.  Let it GO!  Like the song.  Go ahead,  sing it.)

As you add things back into your closet take notice of what style is you and fits your lifestyle.  grasp it, and remember it.  This will help you when making future purchases.

(I don’t get distracted looking at things we don’t need now, and I have a focus for what I’m looking for to fill those gaps I mentioned you will likely have when transitioning into a new season.  If I only have one dress then I know I’m on the hunt for a dress this spring!  If the kiddos outgrew their light weight jacket from last year, then I need to replace that in their capsule.  Super easy right? It should be very simple to see what you have to work with now and also where some gaps are too!

Make a list of what items you need to purchase or replace.

Organizing and minimizing this way helped me tremendously in shopping for my household for spring.  It was clear what we each needed individually and as a family!)


Hope this helps you live for the most babes!  You should be walking into spring organized and confidant now;)

xx, kc


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  1. Amy Wallain says:

    Thanks for your inspiration about simplifying our closets! I really went thru everything with a new approach, and I think I only kept what I really love and works well for me. It was then so much simpler going to the store knowing exactly what I needed. Simple is best!

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