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Are You Helping or Hurting Your Spouse?

February 26, 2017

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When we say I do we commit to being there for our significant other.  We vow to honor and support them during the good and the bad.  I have been convicted many times in my years of marriage of not helping my husband unfortunately, but rather hurting him.  Kicking him when he’s already down.  It’s something I’m not proud of and glad I finally realized.  If my goal is to be happily married then I have to take ownership of our happiness.  Not only is it my responsibility to be happy myself, but YES, it’s my responsibility to HELP him be happy and healthy too!

I mentioned in this previous post how I wanted to have a new perpective on things this year.  I said I was going to have a better perspective throughout my daily life and decisions.  To think not about what I want out of things, but what god is doing through things.

Too often I get distracted and torn by things in the moment or by the strong feelings I face when things don’t go my way.  Typically when I’m caught in those selfish moments I end up hurting instead of helping matters.  I’ve been growing wiser through my failures though and learning to adjust my perspective and remember to look at the bigger picture.  Holding my tongue and pondering my thoughts usually does me some good.  When I discipline myself to have a little patience, I put myself in a much better situation to help in a circumstance or disagreement.

Collecting your thoughts and talking to your spouse in a kind and respectful way shows them you want the best outcome and you are there to help not hurt them.

I know this is easier said than done, but I think it’s something worth bringing up, facing, and bettering ourselves at!!!  Is there a way you’ve been hurting instead of helping?  What can you do right now to change that?  Best wishes to you, your spouse, and above all, your union as a happy couple!

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