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Journal Notes… If I die today, What will be my biggest regret?

March 22, 2017

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In the beginning of the new year I was thumbing through my 2016 journal and reflecting on all the thoughts I had collected through the year…  It’s always neat to look back at memories and events in life.  I made a promise that I’d do better this year at putting my journal thoughts on my blog and just talk as if I were visiting with a close friend over tea.  So here we are the first month of Spring and what better time to bring something like this to life right?

I’m planning to write one post from my journal each month over here… journaling is essentially what lead me to blogging and also what gives me insight for how I want to live.  Without journaling I would have never recogized the mission that leads my life and blog…  “Living For The Most” would not even exist.  I will share more of that story on another post and maybe some reasons why I think every person should have a journal, but for now, let’s focus on some thoughts that have come up lately…

Currently in my life, I’m involved in a women’s bible study called “Crazy Love”- by Francis Chan, a church bible study on Marriage by Francis Chan, and I recently finished the book “Entreleadership” with Dave Ramsey.  I’ve watched a couple of excellent movies, The Shack, and Pete’s Dragon.  I’ve listened to some super inspiring podcasts like Dale Partridge’s Startup Camp, and Wild and Free for mothers.  I adore any email I get from Maria Forleo, Terrain, Magnolia Homes, and Anthropologie.   I love Pinterest, Instagram, and the Outdoors, and I’m obsessed with art quotes from Sugarboo Designs.

These are all places I draw inspiration from!  A question or idea that keeps reocurring in all these facets is this…

If I die today, what will be my biggest regret?

Wow, I know, a huge question right?  It’s overwhelming and big I know, but it’s sooooo worth chewing on.  Luckily it’s something I’ve already been pondering on for the last few years of my life and so I’ve already thought some thought’s here.

The thing I’m most afraid of personally in life is that I’m too distracted and not living in the moment or “living for the most!”  As humans we are selfish, and it’s so irritating!  I’m sure I’ll forever be beating myself up about this because statistically it’s what most people on their death bed’s think about… Did I spend enough time with my family?  Did I act when it could have made a difference?  Did I focus too much on my own plans, agenda, or work?  

It’s something that is so important to me that I’ve made it my life’s mantra and my personal mission as well as the mission behind my blog.  It guides my decisions daily.  I want to be a person who see’s the bigger picture, a higher perspective than my own.  I want to live for the most, making each moment matter.  I want to put others before myself and be a helper of men and a servant of GOD.  

Be present, a good listener, a learner, a dreamer, a doer, a risk taker, a fun maker, an encourager, a light, a lover, compassionate, caring, open minded, hard working, committed, loyal, diligent, responsible, disciplined, adventurous!  

I think you get the idea.  I have said this line before and it pretty much sums it up…  

“Stay simple, stay true, remember what matters too!”

 It’s the best way I can explain it.  I don’t need to be famous, or super successful.  To me success would mean doing the right things when it mattered.  For having integrity and good character.  For being a person who represents wholeness and for inspiring others to be that too.  I think if I am able to accomplish this my purpose will be fulfilled and I’ll likely be lead down a lot of really cool paths.  

I’m dedicated to “Live For The Most”  I know I’ll fail a thousand times trying. but I’ve come to know the difference is when I make myself aware and responsible for my actions, when I humble myself to this standard and remind myself continually why this matters it naturally starts owning itself.  I am slowly but surely becoming who I desire to be more like.    I’ve come full circle to realize that I began this thought about how I wanted to live my life as just a thought, -live for the most.  It was simple, just make the most of everyday.

 There’s that great quote by Marden,

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities.  Seize common occasions and make them great.”  

It seems now to be taking on a bolder shape.  Now “Living for the Most” means living for God.  It means being careful with, and giving my attention to what he wills ,and gifts me with in my life.   

Have you thought this deep lately?  Take some time to take note of what would be your biggest regret in life and do something today to work towards restoring it.  



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