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Adventures in the Ozarks…

March 22, 2017

Filed in: Family Life

If you’ve ever been to the Ozarks, then you know that Spring and Fall are gorgeous here.  They are the seasons we live for in these parts.  One of our favorite adventures to look forward to in the Spring is mushroom hunting.  It’s a big deal where we come from.  Everyone waits for the first big rain and the first big sunshine and then it’s on!  A race to see who can find the most!  It’s hard tellin with us cause we cook em up almost before we can count em ;P  They’re delicious!!

Sometimes we share our collection, but we never share our secret spot 😉  Oh no, nobody tells where they find their mushrooms, every family has to venture out and find a spot of their own.  That’s what’s so fun about keeping it secret because each year you have to get to your spot before anyone else finds it!!  It’s a fun tradition to get outdoors and explore together.  It warms the heart and the belly.

What’s an adventure your planning this spring?

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