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How to own your day…3 things your work space needs to get with it!

April 26, 2017

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My husband and I built our home a few years ago and we didn’t think about having our “own” spaces…  Neither of us necessarily work from home so it just didn’t cross our minds.  However, as we’ve learned through this season of our life…(wild ones running everywhere) it’s important to have a place of our own to collect your thoughts and realign our minds.  

I used to think that was our bedroom, but the bedroom for us, has become more of a relaxing space to unwind.  We decided we both thrive when we have a space of our own that winds us up.  That get’s us going.  That stirs our heart.  For us it’s about having a place to keep us focused on our purpose, our goals, and our perspective.  A place to inspire our days and build our motivation and momentum.

I’ve been working this month on curating our spaces to fit our needs and fill us up.  I’m sure we will continually make adjustments but we both agree that having these three things in front of us everyday remind us of why we do what we do and they keep us moving forward with focus.

  • a word, mission, and goals board

we choose a word for the year as a center and guide, a mission for our life (our why, how, and what), and goals for personal, family and others in our life. We post these where we can see them daily. 

  • a daily rhythm/schedule, calendar, or planner board

I like to have some type of outline in front of me at all times of what the plan looks like.  I geek out on this stuff and go overboard, Jared makes fun of me!  You can have all three of these or even just one, but remember… “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

  • inspiration board… books, quotes, photos, hobbies, & interests.

This is really any type of inspiration in the room to use or decorate with.  For me it’s my bible and scripture, great quotes, pics of family, my camera, and any educational, self help, or travel/style resources

For Jared it’s more like his bible, favorite books about finances, history, and geography.  His hunting and fishing gear.  Photos of his loved ones and famous quotes that intrigue and inspire him.  

With these things visible and available to you each day, it’s hard to not find motivation and a reason to push forward toward your dreams and calling.  Start taking ownership of your day by first taking ownership of your thoughts and surroundings.  Put together a creative space where you can draw near to what matters.  

live for the most, 


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