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Women Living For The Most… Featuring Abigail Aviva

May 3, 2017

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It’s a pleasure to get to introduce you to Abigail.  She is my Young Living consultant.  We met through a mutual friend, Danielle Burkleo, and we’ve enjoyed a sweet friendship every since!  I have fallen in love with her!  She has the kindest character ever.  I love people with truly great character.  Character is so valuable and honorable.  

Abigail is one of those people who is the same wherever and with whomever you find her.  Always the most thoughtful and first to be of help.  Someone worthy of paying close attention to.  She’s like that sweet mama, watching and smiling as you fumble your way through, ready to offer you a cookie and milk when you fall off your bike.  

She’s got wisdom and she cares deeply about sharing it with other’s along the journey.

She is married with four children.  She blogs what’s on her heart at A Mommy Thought, sells essential oils @theoilsmarket, and enjoys home schooling her children.  She also loves music and leads worship at church with her husband!  

Let’s hop on that bike and peddle forward as we read some great perspective and encouragement from a wise woman’s words…   

Why is it important to you to be “living for the most”?

I think that I lived for too many years held back by fears, and those fears grew and grew and controlled too much of my heart and life. In the last few years the Lord has really been changing my mindset and restoring hope and peace in my life. I spent a good and long season off of all social media and soaked my mind in scripture and truth. I would workout listening to Bible teaching podcasts or worship music and just let the truth of God’s words flood my heart. We had walked through so many heartaches and impossibilities and the Lord truly did BIG miracles in our family and marriage. I finally got to the point where I let all that fear go and fully surrendered everything to the Lord… and He has been restoring and redeeming and overwhelming us with such sweet blessings that I’m forever grateful for His unfailing grace and love poured out on us. It’s given me a burning in my soul to live this life to the fullest, always pointing back to the One who gave it to me in the first place. I want my kids to live boldly, with courage and bravery… knowing that I have to first model that to them so that they can step into it for themselves. Living for the most brings glory to God because He is the Creator of this life that we live. It honors Him and my life’s mission is to bring Him glory, honor and praise… and I think that all starts in my home.

How are you accomplishing this right where you are?

I start every morning getting up while it’s still dark and the rest of the house is quiet and asleep, and I get my big blanket out, coffee in hand and sit on the floor in the living room with my bible and journal. I put on essential oils that help my mind to focus and I pray, pray, pray… for anything and everything that is on my heart. I pray for my husband and children and home and friends and ministry and emotions and everything. I ask the Lord to give me peace and guidance and grace throughout the day. Then I read my bible and write things that the Lord puts on my heart. It helps to start my day right to prepare me for what’s ahead. I need it every morning and if I end up skipping it, I feel the difference the rest of the day.

What is a good idea, tool, or resource that’s helping you in either family life, home, or womanhood?

I love writing Scripture on little notes and putting them up throughout our home as constant reminders to myself and my children. I play worship throughout the day, especially when attitudes (including my own) need to be adjusted. When I’m overwhelmed, I stop to pray and just breath for a minute. I pray with a friend or my sweet husband or just alone in my room. I journal my thoughts. I clean my house! It’s so hard for me to focus or relax when the house is messy.

What is a favorite book or quote that has offered you knowledge or inspiration?

This is one of my favorite quotes:
“How completely satisfying to turn from our limitations to a God who has none.” AW Tozer
I’m watching the Lord take my life and make it something only He could have put together. He has made beauty from ashes. He’s given me hope where I had lost it and He’s brought freedom in to where only bondage had been. Nothing is impossible for the Lord and He’s been proving that in my life over and over.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

My advice to my younger self would be to trust Jesus with everything. To stop fearing the unknown. To not assume the worst but to put my hope, faith, and trust in the Lord, no matter the cost. To believe that He is for me, not against me and to step out boldly in whatever He called me to. It’s taken me years to finally fully step into all of this. I let fear control my life for way too long. I would also tell my younger self to give more grace… more grace for myself as a woman, mama, friend, wife… and to give more grace to others because maybe they’re just doing the best they can. And to pray everyday, give thanks to the Lord no matter what the day brings and to fill my mind with God’s Word.

Thank you so much to Abigail for sharing these great ideas and insight!  

Live For The Most, 


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