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Creating Culture

October 25, 2017

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I’ve been wanting to write on culture for a while now, but I keep feeling like it’s something I’m still not good at…  Is it something we must strive for or is it the people we already are?

To me culture is what we represent as well as who we are becoming.  It’s ever evolving…  right?  There’s a lot of talk on culture out there and it seems a buzz word lately, so it’s had me thinking.  Obviously culture can be discussed on a large scale or a small one, but I tend to gravitate towards the smaller concept of family or community culture since that’s the main responsibility present in my life, and one worth talking about in most people’s lives.

It’s so important to be thinking about culture in our daily lives because it matters, and big time!  You have the ability to create a thriving culture around you.  It’s about who we are and what we are passing on.  It’s goes much deeper than our values.  It’s what we do, how we act, and it’s ultimately a feeling or representation of our character that’s given to others.

When I think of the culture I pass on, I am mostly embarrassed.  How many times do I fail at showing good culture in the day to day?  A lot.  I want my culture to represent positivity and be life giving, but it typically doesn’t look that way.  It’s usually selfish and life stealing rather.  Sure, I have my moments of glory, but those are too few to keep track of.  What stands out, are those flawed moments I need to grow through.  It’s actually those exact moments though, that can be used in our culture, as our culture.

As I’ve started focusing on creating good culture in our home and being more intentional with it, I believe the only way to teach it is through our own character as we experience our individual journeys.  To show those around us who we are with our imperfections through humility, as well as who we strive to become with integrity and honor.  If we can do this, we have the magic.

Our humanity is our culture.  We must be able to rise above our own afflictions and while doing so be vulnerable enough to share those times, whether good or bad with others.  That’s where the heart of culture is.  People around us don’t expect us to never go through bad times.  Be open enough to let people walk with you and ask for help as you go.  I believe that is the true magic of culture.  And that is how we learn to be better and teach others from our lessons learned as well.  I now understand that old saying about honesty and hard work.  That’s really all it takes to be successful.  Be honest and work hard to do your best.  This simple theory is all you need to influence others and motivate a positive culture.  Will it always look perfect and run smoothly, no.  Will it always demand respect and admiration, yes.

I’m learning that in my own family, friendships, and community, you don’t have to have it all figured out to create a good culture.  A good culture is created in the presence of figuring it out.  It just takes an openness to learning, the ability to work hard at it, and the vulnerability to be kind and humble through the process. What kind of culture are you creating?  Remember to include laughter!  Good culture requires the ability to laugh at yourself also…  and often!  Accept grace and go get em!

If we want to see change in the world, it has to start small, with us.  An individual can change a family, a family can influence a community, a community can impact the greater and on and on.

Live For The Most,

xx kc



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