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A Flower Farm Dream

February 6, 2018

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For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with flowers.  As a small girl my grandpa would buy me a bouquet of roses for my birthday each year and I’d sit in my room smelling the soft scent and admiring the perfect petals.  He always knew how to steal my heart.  My grandma as well, she had a cutting garden and she’d pick wildflower bouquets of snapdragons galore!  Her and I made sweet memories designing arrangements and decorating the dinner table.


My dad is a lover of all things horticulture too!  When I was young he’d work outside til dark growing the most beautiful flowers in town.  It always paid off when our community garden club would place the famous “yard of the month” sign in our front lawn each summer.  He retired from a 30 year career in the plant conservation trade but you can still find him out in his shop building raised beds or starting seeds and pondering all the possibilities.


As you might have guessed by now, I should have recognized that I’d one day dabble in something to do with flowers, but for one reason or another, I hadn’t imagined it.  Throughout the last year, I’ve unearthed a lot of new curiosities and discoveries and somewhere along the way decided to start a flower farm.


I found myself buying flowers each week at the grocery store just as I do food.  I realized the flowers were my food.  They brought life to me.  I loved having them around.  They reminded me of living for the most.  They reminded me to appreciate all the beauty as well as the imperfection, and to respect and honor life.  This, in turn, reminded me to pass the love on.  To be a life giver with the life I’ve been given.  It inspired me to encourage those around me too.  To plant a little something and watch it grow.


The plan is to start a small cut flower garden this year.  With some hard work and a little luck I’m hoping to harvest a few beauties to sell at our local market.  My hope is that this first year gives me a taste of what it will take and also provide a start to an even bigger dream.  I’d love to sell flowers on a larger scale but that’s another conversation… 😉  For now, my mission is to grow healthy flowers that make people happy.  I want to share this story with others and remind people to live for the most.  I want them to carry my flowers and this mindset with them into their homes and see the beauty of it take shape.


I’m excited for my family to be involved in this new adventure with me as well.  Jared has always hoped I would find a way to continue staying home while earning an income and developing our land more.  He’ll be a huge part in helping me along the way!  My other helpers will be the children of course.  Since we began home educating last year, we’ve been learning through hands on and interest led experiences.  This new endeavor, I have a feeling, will offer some valuable lessons.  Dakota has already been working through the beginning steps with me.  My parents will also be very involved as it’s partly a dream of their’s too!


Do you love flowers as much as I do?  Tell me your favorites.  I’d love to know!  


If you’d like to follow along and see more posts about our flower farm journey stay in touch!  I’ll be sharing the updates with our email subscribers as we go.


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