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Making Home A Haven… The Master

February 7, 2018

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I’ve always hoped my home to be a place of rest and refreshment.  A haven to retreat to.  A place I come to find comfort.  It’s easy however, to forget to be intentional about creating this environment in your home or to get overwhelmed with the various options out there.


I’ve found it most simple to focus on one space at a time and even one project within that space.  I typically tackle one room per month.  This gives me a good objective and at the end of the month I can clearly see the accomplishment.  I may not be able to do all the things I desire in that space in one month due to financial or time constraints but I can overcome a lot by giving my attention and energy to it.  By the end of the month I can always see a positive, life giving outcome and it feels great to get a little closer to my goals.  


This month I focused on our master.  Each year I’ve focused on it I’ve had bigger dreams than what I could actually achieve, but I’ve gotten used to that!  I try to take it in stride, study what I love, and stay positive about the small steps.  


It can be as simple or extravagant as you choose to make it.  It can be various improvements as well… maybe you need to work on decluttering, or maybe you’re ready for an updated design.  


The last three years I’ve worked towards layering our bedding with luxe.  I believe bedding basics is where it begins, and that a cozy bed is such a staple in making the home a haven.  


Here are a few thoughts on how to began… 



It starts with a good mattress and pillows (we don’t actually have our dream one, but we purchased a quality mattress pad at target that has sufficed this far)… our pillows are from big cedar lodge.  



A nice neutral sheet set.  I recommend a neutral color like white or cream etc… it will match whatever you put with it.  I usually look for something with a simple border or an interesting detail around the trim.  Here is an example of our’s from Anthropologie.



A cozy comforter.  I look for neutral here too, it doesn’t hurt to go with a pattern either.  Our’s is no longer in stock, but I love this one



A quality quilt.  Yet again I recommend going neutral in colors but choose one with some texture and style.  This one is my most recent purchase.



A throw pillow or blanket.  Here is where you can add some fun pops of color which make it easier to change things up seasonally without having to redo the whole look of your bed.  It allows you to keep the same bedding for longer while still getting fresh new looks.  These are my current favs!


I shared some tips on bedding but as I mentioned before you could focus on whatever you feel like adds refreshment.  Furniture, wall color and texture, or adding in accents.  I hope this offers you some inspiration to get you motivated to make your home a haven.  


I’ll be focusing on a new space each month and sharing some tips along the way!  Subscribe to stay in touch and get notified of the latest posts.


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