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Date Ideas In The Ozarks

June 28, 2019

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Getting out for a date night seems to escape us more and more often these days! We’ve recently started to get our schedule under control and slow things down… It’s hard learning to protect our time and not overcommit to activities in this busy season with kids! We often regret not recognizing sooner when we need some refreshment and time together.

We recently had one of those nights that reminded us of the importance of doing date nights and why experiencing something special every now and then is needed.

It spurred me to share some ideas of our favorite dates as well as some adventures we still hope to pursue!

Here’s a little list to offer you some inspiration from small pop ups, to specialty places, simple pleasures to inexpensive locations …

01 Handmade Supper Club by The Little Craft Show– This event is our latest experience and the one featured in this post. It’s an annual dinner developed by community enthusiasts to showcase and support local artisans. The guest list is intimate and each person takes home thier table setting as a gift. A featured chef from the community presents a seasonal feast and a popular musician provides the evening entertainment. Expect good ole fashioned conversation and lots of smiles from this stunning and personable supper. Note: our flowers were featured at this year’s festivity!

02 Ropeswing Hospitality– Culinary craft at it’s finest with a variety of restaurants to choose from by the visionary team at Ropeswing.

03 A Drive Around The Back Roads– I love driving around all the river roads, day or night… they won’t disappoint! Also, don’t be afraid to get a little lost. A few of my favorites are at the line dividing Missouri and Arkansas, 90 hwy, K hwy, EE hwy, H hwy, and DD hwy, adventure off the beaten path!

04 Roots Festival– I’ve never attended this fun event, but it’s been on my bucket list! I’m a huge fan of acoustic music and Fayetteville finds the fanciest of these folks and brings them home to the heartland.

05 City Square Block Street– A few speciality spots to hang with friends and consume some craft cocktails that you won’t be sad you sipped.

06 A River Float + Fish Fry– Scenery from a new perspective never fails… go on a float trip and even do some fishing! Get out of your comfort zone and camp as well!! There are rivers and tributaries to discover all throughout the Ozark’s… We love Indian Creek ( our home is nestled away on this one ) Others we are fans of are Big Sugar, The Elk, Buffalo River, The Mulberry, Table Rock Lake, and Beaver Lake and the ones I linked in the Ozark National Scenic Riverway.

07 Hike The Hills– I’ll never forget once we we’re desperate to get out of the house after our second baby was born so much we decided to take the kids with us on a small hike to get some sunshine on our skin and a taste of fresh air… We went traipsing through our local state park and ended up taking a wrong loop which led us to nowhere! We walked for about ten miles at two weeks post partum taking breaks so I could nurse the baby along the path. We finally found a familiar road that wound back to our vehicle and that story will no doubt go down in the history books of our life’s lessons. Jared is going to be mad at me for sharing this one, but it’s seriously one of our fondest memories! We’ve also hiked the local hills plenty of times without getting lost as well as adventured with friends to unfamiliar territories. If you’re looking to do a hike with a view head to Whitaker’s Point, The Goat Trail, or Eye Of The Needle in the Ozark Mountains.

08 Crystal Bridges Museum– This gem of a space is something else! As enriching as it gets on culture and art, I love going to Crystal Bridges for learning about something new and starting cool conversations that stretch us a couple.

09 Bike Along The Creek Bank– NWA is well known for their bike trail systems and growing more popular by the minute. People are coming from all over the continent to bike and airbnb here. Take advantage of what the tourists love and try it out! Find out the best place to start in the link.

10. Blake Street Social Club– I was invited to one of Blake Street’s first events and it was one of those memorable moments I tucked into my back pocket. Blake Street House is a new project in this community working towards giving adults some interesting concepts to engage in together. With a heart for health and wellness they are inviting us to take the opportunity to learn about cool things together and get socializing in the midst of it. I love how experiences foster communication, bonds, and connectivity. This is a cool club to be a part of people.

I’m curious to know which date idea seems worth discovering to you- let me know in the comments! If you have any ideas to add please share!!

All the warmest,


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  1. Connie says:

    Thank you for bringing these ideas to our attention. I like traveling back roads and hiking the hills but I, also, was raised in a musical family so the Roots Festival sounds interesting, also. Spending time with our loved ones…family and friends…is very important.
    Thanks again,

    • Kasey O'Brien says:

      Thanks for the kind comment Connie- I’m so excited to attend the festival this year too! Such an amazing resource brought to our backyard. : )

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