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A Must For Every Mama

July 18, 2019

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Since having children I’ve carried a big tote bag as my purse… I just feel like I still need something to pack all the family tack in ya know! I recently purchased a new bag from Remedy Road by Able and love it so much!! I wanted to add a little flair to it so I attached a small handkerchief scarf solely for style as I’ve never really cared for or used scarves much…

I’ve now discovered how much I’ve been missing!! I had heard other women say having a scarf on hand was their saving grace and I never quite related to that!? However, since I’ve had that little handkerchief attached to my side everywhere I go I can’t believe how much it gets used! I use it every day for one thing or another… Here are just a few examples of how it’s came in “handy” lately (hence the name handkerchief I guess?)

  • Yes it’s been used as a snot rag… I mean let’s get real, sometimes we need those
  • Also for wiping hands and face of dirt, sand, or sweat as well other ailments that cause trouble
  • I broke it out to cover my face when I was sunning on the beach
  • I’ve used it to dry things or wipe away messes
  • It’s been so handy as a hair tie because mine are always mia when I need them on the go

I seriously will forever have a hanky around and hope that when I have grandkids one day they’ll remember me for it : ) I’m so old fashioned, but obviously these things were popular for a reason!

I recommend buying one that has a pattern so to hide inevitable staining haha!!

Keep living for the most friends!

All the warmest-

xx, kc

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