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Keeping Up With Chaos

October 1, 2019

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In all my years of keeping up with a family so far, I’ve learned that it’s never shy of chaos. Every time I chat with other women or families the conversation comes up… All of us are struggling to keep up!

I recently listened to a great speaker talk on how there will always be things to do. She spoke on how it’s not possible of course to do it all, but it is possible to manage it all. She reminded me it’s okay to have a gazillion things pulling in a gazillion directions, but she also reminded me that in order to feel I’m thriving rather than surviving, I need to manage my priorities and consistently shift my attention to what will move the needle.

I’m always growing and learning in this quest but I feel like I’ve finally accomplished a good rhythm in our household of keeping up with the chaos. In order to manage a large family, maintain some order, and keep a comfortable home some things need consistently addressed. I talk with women all the time about being behind on housework and feeling overwhelmed and I get asked sometimes about how I keep my house clean. I thought I’d share some ideas here that help me stay on top of things enough to enjoy life and not be sweating the small stuff.

Seasonally/Monthly/Weekly- Once a week ( usually on Sunday) I look over my phone calendar and notebook planner as well as any reminders to see what needs to be accomplished and attended. I organize categories of our family’s life so I can easily see what needs addressed. I’ve found that most of our needs fit into the categories of wellness, wear, adventure and haven. I add what needs tackled in these areas to the agenda. – I often think I can do more than I can so I’ve learned the hard way to cut my list of expectations in half and really be selective of what we plan to prioritize. This takes time to edit down so give yourself grace. It comes with communicating your priorities and talking a lot about what you want to say yes to and what you want to say no to.

Daily- I start each day around 5 or 6 with some quiet time and getting myself ready to tackle the day. Around 7 I begin a few morning chores. I try really hard not to look at my phone or get distracted by things that take my time or energy before 9. I believe this is key for women running a household because it allows you to be fully present seeing what needs to be sewn before the day begins. My morning chores include getting the kids ready, breakfast, dishes, and laundry… maybe some spot sweeping or trash dumping if needed. so long as I make a dent in these few things each morning, it keeps things moving along. If I happen to have an off day or a day that I have to be gone before 9, I’m not so far behind that I can’t get caught up the next day or get it collected if company comes.

I work for myself as a homemaker and businesswoman so I work on projects and tasks throughout the day and inevitable appointments and spontaneous needs come up too. However, at night around 5 I stick to the same chores of kids, dinner, dishes, and laundry. Spot sweeping and trash play a role when needed, but this consistency keeps us in the safe zone.

I do have a cleaner twice a month who helps with the deep cleaning and it motivates me more to stay on top of it and also allows me to work on extra projects. When I didn’t have this luxury though, I would just allow myself more time each day to clean by room… I’d do the kitchen one day, baths one day, bedrooms one day and so on! I cut back on some vanity and material things I used to purchase in order to have a house cleaner because that was something I really value. I have friends who would much rather spend their money on other things and do it themself. To each his own, I think I like it because home and design are kind of my hobbies and it’s always been important to me to take care of my things and have a comfortable and tidy home.

I keep our home very simple and try to only invite in the things we need and love! This also helps beyond measure with curating our home and minimizing the chaos. Speaking of curating our home, each season I love to add a few items that compliment the climate. I usually update pillows and throws, fancy up the front porch, and bring in some color and texture from the outdoors. Now that the autumn solstice arrived I have some new statement stems showing off!

In the midst of the crazy, it’s nice to have those little touches around reminding me to keep living for the most!!

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