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Mabo Kids X Puppy Love

October 13, 2019

Filed in: family wear

One of my go to kids wear brands for the past few years has been Mabo. As I’ve journeyed through the process of blogging and creating my own business. I’ve come to appreciate and acknowledge small shops. I love to support small and I’ve found that most always I’m so happy with the quality and thoughtfulness that their products possess.

Mabo is a perfect example of the thoughtful product. When I first found them, I wasn’t so sure they were my style. You see often, a small business brands and markets much differently than what were used to in the general population of America. They had a very small selection and I had to order online without seeing or touching the product. Not to mention the prices were more costly than I was accustomed to paying. I had seen them promoted so many times though it was like hearing about a good book. I had to give them attention and try it out.

I bought some basic products and that was all it took. I’ll never forget when they was delivered. Packaged so thoughtfully and with a handwritten note. As I took it out of the box I could instantly see the difference in this special shop. The fabric and colors were so rich and the design and craftsmanship noticeably very well considered. The children tried their pieces on and the flattering fit exceeded expectations.

They soon became a staple in the children’s wardrobes because of their comfort and curation. The pieces could be worn casual or dressy and mixed and matched super easy too! The tones are obviously curated by a great designer. On that note, I was worried with such special pieces that they might not wash well, but these garments are the most durable in the wardrobe. This was a major bonus because it’s important to me that what I purchase can last. I like to be able to pass down the children’s clothes and so on top of them standing the test of time, they are also gender neutral so each selection can be handed down through the siblings regardless of sex.

I highly recommend this small business and havn’t found a thing I wasn’t pleased with. Mabo also sells a curated shoe selection and women’s wear too! I’ve recently started branching out to these catagories and have nothing but good things to report! Love it all!!

On this note, I think it’s important to notice what the brands we buy from stand for and I value supporting a small business who represents natural, ethical, and recyclable goods.

Hope you give them a peek and more importantly- I hope this post inspires you to be a thoughtful consumer about who you choose to buy from and what you choose to support with your purchases.

Living for the most,

xx Kasey

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