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We Value Us Time

October 24, 2019

If there is one piece of advice I feel I could offer any couple it’s this. Be with someone who you share values with. Inevitably there will be high’s and low’s in life, but Jared and I have always had the same belief that we’re better together and we both know that when our together starts to feel threatened then we have to make time for what we value- Us!

As the kids are growing and as our time is beginning to fill up with adulting… i.e. responsibilities and accountability, it’s been a challenge to pull the reins and regain alignment. Unfortunately we’ve felt the pain and misdirection when we don’t make time together and we know that it must be a priority for success. Just like anything… If you don’t give it attention then it won’t grow and for sure won’t function at it’s best.

I feel like this is such common knowledge, but it’s one of those things that we’re all guilty of agreeing on yet not being good at. It’s come to our attention at this 13 year anniversary mark that we have to put the effort into being good at it. We’re not perfect but we’re passionate about our commitment to each other so we continue to humble ourselves and come together to show each other that even when things aren’t easy we’re still showing up and sharing life. It’s in these times of sharing this value that we connect and experience what shapes us.

We adventured out of our normal routine recently and stayed the weekend in an airbnb. We had time to refresh and reflect on things together as well as simply enjoy something new! I’m planning to prioritize and protect this value so I’m making it a point each season to have a weekend dedicated to us time adventuring! It made me realize that for some reason as our schedules get filled we only think to plan things together that commemorate special occasions… anniversaries, valentines, etc… What happened to just being together and discovering what we love together as well as what we love about each other? Sometimes, I think it takes some adventuring to rekindle the flame and find what makes our relationship fun again.

The photos I included are of a few things we enjoyed together and connected through while adventuring in Bentonville, AR for our “us time” and anniversary. We stayed downtown near the square in the Historic Rice House guest home. It alone was an experience that shaped us as we learned about some history of the home and town together. We also were inspired by the airbnb and Bentonville’s creative community to think about some big plans for our property and platform. We enjoyed some delicious culinary tastes, craft beers and coffees plus we slept in and soaked up some autumn sun in the Ozarks which can’t be beat. We planned to try out a new trail but we ended up having lunch with some family and the good conversation carried on! We canceled our plans for crystal bridges and look forward to seeing it next time!

I’m curious, do you make time to adventure as a couple? I challenge you to refresh and redefine your relationship. Remember what you appreciate together and why you fell in love… xx

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