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Savoring The Simple

November 8, 2019

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As the autumn months start to fade away we find ourselves settling indoors and embracing the colder weather… the harvest is on its last leg and we begin the celebration of Thanksgiving. I host a family dinner each year so it always puts me in the mood to refresh the dining space. This year my focus was less on the pretty things and more on the practical. I’ve been wanting to have a more organized and tidy pantry so I’ve been updating what’s behind our cabinets and drawers, as well as refining our staples. We’ve been growing a lot in our relationship with food and I’ve been really trying to stock our shelves with wholesome, nourishing, and clean goods. I find that when I buy good quality foods it inspires me to make good quality meals. I also feel that when everything is stocked and simple to see and utilize, that’s motivating too!! On a final note, I feel like this project helped me to appreciate our food and take better care of one of our most vital resources for our family. The kitchen is the central and most popular place in our home, it’s where we gather and find comfort and warmth. This Thanksgiving remember to find the value in the essential part of the tradition- the meal. Slow down and savor this simple pleasure.

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