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Mabo… And Soon a Mini Mabo!

June 9, 2020

Filed in: family wear

The spring/summer collection of Mabo got me again. I just adore their kids wear! The quality and style is seriously unmatched and I kinda love that they make clothes up to Dakota’s age. It’s so tough finding tween clothing that’s timeless. I also love that the things I have bought from them wash up so well and are gender neutral so they can be passed down through each child within our family.

I’ve already started saving the kids hand me downs again for the new babe! I had stopped for so long and so I really am starting over. I’ve been super excited to be starting all over with kids clothes because I hate to say it… I was kind of sad not to shop for those cute little outfits anymore. It’s been so long since I’ve been in the baby world I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the options!! I recently participated in Courtney Adamo’s motherhood course and found some great resources in there.

I feel like I’m ready to start gathering goodies for the mini- I’m sure I will find something to start with from Mabo. I’ve also been loving Gray Label Brand for the boys as well as Zara. What are some shops you have good luck with?

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