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May 22, 2020

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I try to bring something fresh into our space that inspires me from the season. This year I’m settling on adding a sustainable perspective. Rather than changing decor each season as a refreshment, I’m starting to think in a more timeless way. I’m searching for things that compliment the season but can also live on through the changes and adapt with the varieties of season and style. I’m also thinking of things that we truly need in our home to make it more of a haven rather than things that will simply offer a certain look. I have come to believe that when we focus on this, the look we long for will naturally take shape. Maybe over a slower time frame, but inevitably nonetheless. I want our purchases and products that we welcome to be made of conscious choice. Sometimes when we shift to this minimalistic mindset one might fear the loss of coziness or beauty, but I think a space starts to tell a better story and be more of a sanctuary and source of rest and replenishment when we’re more careful of the collections we invite in.

This season I also have been focused on adding color and story to our home. For a while now I’ve scaled things back and bought or used a lot of basics to build on, but my family has been begging me to boost it up a notch and bring back some boldness. I feel like the timing is right lately with this idea as I’ve recently grown a lot in my character and direction. I feel finally at a place to really own our style more and tell this story in our home. Instead of adding things that are popular or marketed to me to purchase, I’m more confident in curating our own sense of cozy.

All that being said, I added a few new details around here. One being a moroccan style floor pillow which I’ve had saved in every pinterest, instagram, and mood board since forever! I’ve always been drawn to these for some reason. The kids have loved it because they use to have to go grab our big lumbar pillow off of our bed to lay on in the living room, but now they have one at their convenience! I love it because it’s useful and it’s beautiful. Another quality purchase was some new dish towels, hand towels, and napkins. It’s always one of the last things I update and I have always bought cheap ones thinking they will simply get soured soon. I use them so much though, that I decided I wanted them to bring me joy and beauty. I wanted to love the feel and look of them. I also display my hand towels in the kitchen and bathroom so they can be that pop of color addition I’ve been needing to blend. We try to use fabric napkins for meal times instead of disposable ones most of the time so I also wanted to elevate that part of our day by having something pretty and purposeful around. The final thing I added was a new throw because we can always use another one of those! Blankets seem to be ever so useful when you have a family of five. Everyone is always looking for their favorite one!!

I sourced the pillow from an etsy shop, the towels and napkins from a favorite local shop hillfolk, and the throw is from anthropologie. I should add I received the greatest book as a gift that I must share on this topic. It’s called Still, The Slow Home by Natalie Walton and it really sealed the deal for me so much on this insight. It can also be used as a staple decor piece which is so wonderful! On a side note, Natalie just launched a podcast that is amazing too! I’ve already listened to every episode.

I hope you found this information interesting and please share your own experience with your relationship with sustainability. I know it’s an ever evolving one for everyone! Let’s keep learning together.

Living For The Most,

xx Kasey

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