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A Day Away… Eureka Springs

June 16, 2020

My family went through a big life change this past year with my dad’s brain tumor. Our whole world was turned upside down and we were forced to face a lot of new and unknown territories. It’s of course not something anyone ever hopes to go through, but after painstakingly and patiently living it out, I can see the light on the other side finally. Our family was by dad’s side through it all and we wanted to look back knowing that we spent every moment we could with him, caring for him. Once he passed we spent a couple of weeks organizing arrangements and grieving our loss together. It felt like a whirlwind of course and it was all very surreal. My siblings and I had basically lived at my parents place for a month so one night we were up late talking and decided we would take a day trip to a neighboring area to get out of the house and get some fresh air. We were all need of a little break from reality I think. My younger brother and his wife had never been to Eureka Springs and so away we went!

Spontaneous trips are always the best because they deliver just what the doctor ordered. Exploring new places and seeing new things are the best and when you can do it together with people you love it makes for lasting memories and bonding experiences. We’re an active and energetic family overall and we all enjoy a bit of adventure. When it comes to planning things to do, it usually falls pretty naturally between us all picking something and trying out each person’s interest or activity. Me and mom wanted to see the glass chapel, the kids and Kenzie (my sister in law) we’re into the history of the famous Crescent hotel, and my brother wanted to scope out the hiking scene. We squeezed it all in and even had time to drive down town through the old streets for some slices of pizza.

We didn’t realize how much we needed that day out. It was truly refreshing and peaceful for us in a time of such confusion and unrest. I think it’s important to recognize when your soul is seeking some play and lean into that. I try to plan a refreshing day for myself as self care or a day with some family or friends often… For me, I try to be intentional about it once a season, but it usually takes shape in random forms on it’s own more than that. The unplanned events is where I can go to unplug per say and find inspiration, fresh motivation, and new creativity.

Which types of adventure are your favorites or most memorable, planned or unplanned? I feel like a good mix of both is where it’s at! Planning a vaca, but leaving a few days to the stars sounds about right!

Living For The Most,


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