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July 3, 2020

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If you’re anything like me you’re always envisioning getting more done. Unfortunately, I’m always falling short of my aspirations. Ha! I tend to think I can accomplish more than I actually can. Not only is this true in projects and goals but also in having access to the tools and resources to get there. Luckily, I’m a big picture person and I tend to see the end vision and not let it get me down when things don’t turn out as perfect as planned. I simply say to myself that I’m still taking the steps in the right direction and I can usually find satisfaction in the understanding that I’m always a step closer and that someday I’ll look back and know how far I’ve come. On that note, I’ve lived long enough to already see that come to fruition. Some of the things that I envisioned 5-10 years ago have taken shape! I tend to picture myself in the future being the person I want to become and living the life I seek.

I’ve adapted this life mantra to how I create our home and haven too! I love to set goals on improving our home, but my ideas are always much more than what I can make happen. I’ve learned to settle down some and focus on small pieces of the puzzle that will set the stage for the whole idea to take shape.

I’ve shared before how I try to update and improve a space in our home each month. It’s often a struggle for me because I see all the things I’d like to start on but realize quickly that I can only adjust slightly. My time, energy, and resources are just not available for many of my aspirations.

As I achieved what I could in the spring months, I realized that I fell short of my aspirations yet again, I still made some headway on streamlining the style and simplicity that I long for though and thought it might be valuable to share that and remind you all to be happy with small steps. I feel that falling short often forces us to be more conscious of our endeavors and really focus on the steps that will get us there. Sometimes taking our time allows us to define our vision better and see what’s really important.

My Spring projects were the laundry/cleaning space, the entry, and indoor/outdoor updates for Summer… For the laundry/cleaning space I had envisioned a new laundry bin for sorting clothes, a ladder to hang delicate items out to dry, and some baskets for hiding supplies. I only succeeded at one of those. For the entry I had envisioned painting a piece of furniture, hanging hooks, and organizing our mudroom closet better. Guess what? I succeeded at one again! For the indoor/outdoor space I wanted to purchase a table and chairs for dining outdoors and also finish landscaping around our house. I made progress on the landscaping but it’s still a loose end project! All that being said, I feel confidant that the things I did achieve are moving towards the home I imagine. The intention I’m putting in isn’t fast paced, but it’s meaningful and consciously improving our home life. Organizing our cleaning supplies and mudroom closet made things more simple and functional for the family, and landscaping slowly helped me research what perennials grow best in the Ozarks, require less care, and have more function and beauty.

For me, it’s not about getting it done or buying all the things that give me immediate gratification. I find I appreciate the end result so much more when I’ve put in the effort and taken my time to steadily create the haven that makes everyday easier and in turn makes us happy. As I go along I feel happy knowing that I’m always creating the home and life I hope to be present in. When I know I’m not where I want to be yet, I rest in knowing that I’m always coming into it and evolving into who I want to be and what I want to surround myself with. For me, the goal is to make everyday easier. When I feel I’m not there – lol… I remember that I’m working on getting there and that feels good too.

Here are links to some things that I was able to add to each space to make our home more of a haven as well as some things that are still on my inspiration radar and future list!

Laundry/Cleaning Space- The basket room, ever spring laundry soap and conditioner, clothes bin, ladder, other pinterest inspo…

Entry Space- Painted log furniture, chair/stool, hooks, baskets, hangers

Indoor/Outdoor Summer Space- outdoor seating and dining + flea market finds, hammock, swing, perennials, yard fabric, mulch, bird game, summer themed books

Living For The Most,


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