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Planting The Seeds Of Your Story… Grow Passion Into Purpose

August 28, 2020

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Ever had something on your mind for a long time? Like years? I have been brainstorming about a concept for about two years now and I’ve mentioned it a time or two before… I’m finally ready to share more of what I’ve been shaping! It’s an e-course, a field guide of sorts called, “Planting The Seeds Of Your Story… Grow Passion Into Purpose”

Throughout my journey of turning my own passion into purpose with O’Brien Outpost I have had many conversations with people who’ve inquired about how I combined my passion with my work.  For many, its seems an out of reach concept to blend these two practices.  I however believe that it’s the best way to be.  My education and experience have taught me that people learn best and are more motivated and successful when they are actively engaged in what they find interesting.  It seems people are seeking affirmation and direction in this area in order to start their own journey toward more fulfillment in their future.   

For the past year I have been developing an e-course to teach men, women, and young people to pursue their passions and plant the seeds of their story.  I recognized in order to encourage families to be living for the most, I needed to look at the individuals who make up the family and encourage them to be their personal best.  Aristotle put it best when he said “ the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.”  If I hope to improve family legacy, then I first need to start with the individuals within the family.  

My vision is to teach individuals the importance in pursuing passion and the value it has in personal development as well as connection with others.  I believe there is also no better time in society to encourage this in people than now.  With our growing use of technology, it is easier than ever to use your passion for greater purpose.  That being said, I’d also like to encourage people to use online activity in healthy ways.  I’m excited to teach people to use social media meaningfully and to introduce them to an online space that they can use to create and connect, not just consume.

As I’ve been preparing the curriculum for the e-course I’ve had a lot of questions for people and I’ve also had a lot of questions from people.  There is so much to dive into on this topic and it just seemed beneficial to have a community discussion around it.  I asked a few peers who have experience and success at turning their passion into their profession to let me interview them in a panel event… a community conversation around why it’s important to plant the seeds of your story, connect with purpose, and build a platform/portfolio.

The panelist will consist of three NWA leaders- Jenny Marrs (Fixer To Fab), Natalie Freeman (Freckled Hen Farmhouse/Natalie Creates), and Kelsey Sigars (Sigars Design/Fixer To Fab Team).  Their spouses will also be in attendance and incorporated into the conversation too.  I will moderate and lead the discussion along with a few good stories from my husband as well.  We will allow guests to arrive and mingle with drinks and snacks provided.  We will begin with welcome and introductions, then from there proceed to the topic of “Sowing the First Seeds.”  On the topic of sowing the first seeds, we will dive into each panelist own experience as well as go over 5 specific tips to get started.  Next we will reflect on three categories… Root, Sprout, and Bloom.  Within the Root category we will discuss the importance of a proper foundation and look into details of self awareness, societal awareness, platform awareness, tech awareness, and responsible beginnings awareness.  Within the Sprout category we will discuss the growing process looking deeper into personal and professional growth strategies.  Within the Bloom category we will discuss production, success, and sustainability.  We will also review leadership, products, profit, marketing, and management.  In closing we will take questions and participate in a meet and greet.  All guests will receive a generous gift of collected items related to our talk to take home as well as an invitation to the upcoming e-course at a discount price. 

I wanted to share this upcoming event with you as it outlines the course if you find it interesting and want to know more! This event is only available to members of Blake Street House but you are welcome to join and attend! Get details for how to enroll here.

I still wanted to give you this outline of the event in case you can’t make it and were interested in the discussion and course. I’m planning to have a recording of the event offered within the course and I’d love to raise any questions you might have about these topics to the panelists when I moderate the event. I’ll also try my best to cover any questions you might have when I release the course, so please send them my way! You can comment on this journal entry or social post, send me an email, or direct message me on social media– I’d love to hear from you!

The course will be released this fall and it will be full of multi media engagement. Each topic will have a pdf packed with information, a tutorial/how to video, a quick q & a video, an interview with a professional relating to the topic, a live instagram q & a session, and a private instagram group invitation where I’ll spend three weeks focused on the course with you!

I’m currently working on teaching my oldest child a bit about this concept and you can check out our progress on her new account that we practice on together. I thought it would offer an example of what will be created throughout the field guide if you participate!

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Living For The Most,


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