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Five Tips For Family Photos

January 21, 2021

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  1. Pick out your outfit before anyone else’s and then plan around that. I’ve heard this so many times before and then I started practicing it and I must say it works! When mama’s happy everyone’s happy- right?! 😂
  2. Choose a photographer that suits your style. If you have traditional taste go with that- If you have modern taste go with that- If you have natural taste then find someone who shoots in a natural style! You will be happiest with a photographer who you gravitate towards.
  3. Do a bit of homework before hand… Save a few pic ideas to Pinterest so you can show the photographer what you have in mind to capture. My favorites always end up being moments that get captured naturally, but it helps to have a few planned shots too!
  4. Do a setting that fits your family. For example, I chose these maternity pics to be shot of us walking around our property because I wanted my maternity photos to represent what our family did together throughout my pregnancy… We walked around our property in the evenings together a lot and it was one of things I wanted to have etched out for keepsake.
  5. Buy a downloadable package of the photos from your photographer so you can instantly save and use them on your media plus print them at your own discretion anytime and not feel pressured to decide what prints you want right away.

In these images we are wearing christy dawn(me), huckberry(Jared), mabo(Dakota), and zara(boys), – for the most part. Our photographer is Jessica Hughes Photography 😉

Hope these ideas give you some inspo and help you to be living for the most as a family at your next photo session!

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