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Family Transitions

June 20, 2022

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Remember that song by the Judd’s “grandpa, tell me bout the good old days?” The lyrics went something like… life’s about changes, nothing ever stays the same. Every family faces transitions throughout their lifetime together. I’ve lived through enough of them now to have a bit of an understanding about how to cope.

I remember being in my early thirties having a visit with my best friend about how this was the best time in our life. We felt like we’d been through some things and new who we were and what direction we were going down this road called life. But then, my late thirties happened. New surprises and curve balls, challenges, and events I didn’t have experience with. I continued to be humbled. I think that’s why I was drawn to this topic for this month’s field guide. It’s a topic that we all face and we all learn from as we go. It’s truly a never ending cycle of learning to navigate territories and teach us more about our purpose I suppose.

Out of all the uncertainty, one thing I’m sure of is that its nice to have support along the way… Others to glean insight and ideas from. I find it helpful personally to learn from those who’ve gone before me and have some light to shed on the lessons learned. And this doesn’t mean they have to be older and wiser. Instead, they just have to have a few notches under their belt in a certain category of life that I haven’t dealt with yet.

My most recent transition has been having a new baby later in my womanhood. My children are older now and right when I thought we were entering a new season, I started all over with the baby stage again! I’ve also weighed with thoughts of going back to work and establishing a career, which is a scary feeling for a female who has been a homemaker all these years.

I love to listen to women who’ve been where I am now and who can reveal their mistakes and mishaps to me so I might have a chance at making more guided decisions that serve me and my family well.

I also feel a calling to offer my own take to others who are going through transitions I’ve already been through. Maybe it’s getting married, building a home, having a baby, loosing a loved one, navigating adolescence with your teen, staying healthy as you age… or a multitude of other life altering courses. There are all sorts of things to dissect and discover. I’ve dedicated this month’s field guide to family transitions.

Here’s what you can expect in the field guide-

  • A tutorial about facing transitions
  • An interview with my cousin Holly, where we talk casually about changes we’ve went through and our mistakes and successes.
  • A Q and A with me where I answer 10 quick questions to be healthy through specific transitions in your family life.

It will be released next week on my website within the field guide category here and it will be five dollars to purchase. Please don’t hesitate to connect on social for further discussion and I’m excited to announce a community gathering at our place this month too!! This Sunday,June 26th from 3-5 we will get to hear a guest speaker talk transitions, make a bundle of statement stems, and enjoy sharing good food and great company!

Get tickets to come here!

Living for the most, Kasey

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