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Spring Shaped Up

July 3, 2024

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So much started to change and shape up over the Spring. If you’re reading along, hopefully you noticed the announcement that I updated the site to a service now where we offer our property as a place to take pictures.

After stepping back from posting much on the Outpost last year to work on our community’s coffee shop I came back with a slightly new vision. I’ve loved scrapbooking our family life, but I’ve longed to offer more than a family journal. As I was reflecting on all the years of photos and story from my blog and business efforts I saw something I could share with others from a new perspective… Our beautiful Ozark scenery! I’ve spent the majority of the past couple months planning and prepping our property to be utilized as a photography location.

I spoke with and surveyed numerous photographers and they all talked about how difficult it is to find private space that offers an array of settings and sceneries like we have here. Most times people have to either rent a small indoor studio or go to a public area or event to capture their professional photos. The biggest complaint is lack of privacy. They feel rushed with their clients and find it difficult to ‘get the shot’ without having to crop things out of a background from a busy place or allow their clients to feel comfortable in a relaxed environment. This is a problem we can help with. Come access over 20 settings with exclusive privacy with personal service that accommodates your desires! Click here to see our portfolio of sceneries.

You can also sign up for our field guide which will feature inspo and suggestions for how to use the property and take advantage of each season. It comes with free tips for how to prepare for your photo session. I’ll be sending the summer updates soon!

It’s a treasure to look back on all life’s happenings and reflect ever so often. I’ve been filing my spring photos and reflecting on all the little tidbits that would otherwise pass us by.

Have you thought about what milestones and memories you want to capture this season? Book our place this summer for a session!

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