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A Year In Review = A Place To Take Pictures

December 12, 2023

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If you follow along over on social you may have seen some new scenes I shot from our annual Christmas tree hunt. It was my first post in a year and it feels so good to be back! Who would have known my kids went from babies to grown humans in this one short year away?!

Taking a year away from documenting on here was so weird. I’ve been scrapbooking through photos and story now for almost 10 years so it was tough to take a step back and not post anything for the last year. I missed connecting with you all too! However, I knew I needed to do it. I was not inspired the way I used to be and something needed refreshing within me.

I took on a local coffee shop project which taught me a wealth of new things and gave me new perspective that I needed. It was a fun concept and collaboration to be a part of and I’m very proud of the business and opportunities the team created for our community. The time away from the Outpost proved positive for me both personally and professionally. I’m glad I focused my attention on new things.

Surprisingly, it ended up leading me right back here. I realized how much I enjoyed documenting… creativity, photography, and storytelling. I also really missed the simple art of scrapbooking and having a collection of life’s moments and memories captured.

I know most folks share my value of having a timestamp of their lives and as I was reflecting over the years of pictures I’ve taken, I noticed what a great setting we have here for photos. I thought it would be a great place to offer as a photo location for others to use too.

I’ve been looking forward to announcing that in the new year we will accept bookings for outdoor photo sessions on our property. We are partnering with photographers and other creatives so please share our service with any you may know who’d be interested! I will not be involved in photographing but rather staging and styling the settings. I’m working on updates to my website and all the details will be here soon! Can’t wait to share this space with you in a more intimate way and let me know if there are any particular backgrounds you’d love to see available!

living for the most,

Kasey xx

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