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Oh Christmas Tree… Oh Christmas Tree…

December 11, 2014

Filed in: Family Life

One thing I remember about Christmas growing up is the search for the perfect Christmas tree.  My dad always made our tree trimming day so special! It was his thing. Something was always so perfectly imperfect about it and my dad would always feel like Clark Grizwold by the end of the day! That’s how we knew a good memory had been made;) 
We haven’t had a tree farm near by since Jared and I have had children so we have never been able to start this tradition as a family until this year.  We now have a sweet little Christmas tree farm just over the hill and through the woods away and so you better believe we made plans to set out on our own Grizwold Family adventure this year!  
It didn’t disappoint!  I forgot my memory card to my camera so I ended up just snapping some pics of the kiddos with my iPhone.  Here is our first year of choosing a tree as a family…
We went to the Ozark Valley Christmas Tree Farm in South West City. They are a family operated business that offer a magical little experience with some old fashioned touches that kids and grown ups both enjoy! You will leave there in the Christmas spirit for sure! this is the welcome barn… so dreamy…  
cute kids activities…
 photo opp!
He really wanted to be a part of Santa’s sleigh;)
one of my lil elves…
 we got to make ornaments for the wildlife-my kids loved!
 the hunt is on…
 looking for a  little tree for their play room

 Jake learning to saw… quite the process! haha;P

Finn thinks we need this one
well maybe not.. gosh this is tough?!?
but oh so fun!
yep.. this is fun!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned!  I’ll be posting the tree trimming soon- that is a whole other adventure! Plus I’ll be sharing how I’m trying to teach the kids about the true story of Christmas through decorating their tree a little each day;)
Keep your seasonal sanity friends!  Laugh it off like Clark and remember the real reason for the season!!!
xo, kc

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  1. Charity says:

    Thanks for the great review of our farm! Our goal is to create a location where families can enjoy their time together. We’ll look for you again next year.

  2. says:

    Your so welcome Charity! We always enjoy your families place. You all do a wonderful job 🙂

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