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The funny thing about Christmas cards…

December 1, 2014

Filed in: Family Life

Over the weekend we went on our annual Christmas trip to Branson with my family to kick off the holiday season.  We took the kids to see the Dixie Stampede Christmas Show.  It was so cute watching their little faces during the show.  They loved it!;) Since it was a special day I dressed them up in their nice clothes and thought it would be the perfect time to steal a family photo that we could use for our Christmas cards.  I had planned to have our pictures taken professionally this year, but I procrastinated too long and never got around to scheduling it in time:(  Therefore, this is the funny thing about Christmas cards…. When you have little children it’s a struggle to do family portraits.  It’s challenging to get everyone ready, and find the right time and place.  Make sure everyone’s healthy, no runny noses, black eyes, or complete meltdowns… it’s not easy!  I am a pretty laid back person so it doesn’t get me too upset if things don’t turn out the way I expected.  I’ve learned to be flexible with my little family and make the most of what were going through.  That being said, I think this is the year to do a funny Christmas card!  What do you all think?

I am going to try ordering them from either minted or artifact uprising.  I’ve used both companies before and love their products!  If you are better than me at planning family portraits let me recommend using either Jessica Hughes Photography , Wendy Deaton Photography, or Calotype as photographers – you won’t be disappointed!  There are lots of great resources on how to prep your families wardrobe for photos too!  One of my fav gals to go to for mommy advice is  you can find ideas on family photos here.

So let me know which one we should use, or maybe a collage type card would be fun??? Leave me a note in the comment section;)

Have a wonderful day guys and SMILE 🙂
Happy first day of December
xo, kc

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  1. Love the last photo! The one of you and Jared with Dakota and her facial expression is precious!

  2. The last one is my favorite!!!

  3. jenloveskev says:

    you guys are just the cutest!! xoxox

  4. KC OBRIEN says:

    Thanks girls! Your my very first commenters :))) xoxo
    I think I like that one too;)

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