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Small Talk… June 2015

July 1, 2015

Filed in: Family Life

This month has been interesting… adjusting to no school, slow mornings, late nights, and lots of summer adventures!

It’s also blueberry season in these parts so we set out to do some picking this week… My parents have a blueberry farm so that’s convenient…;) Mom always brings me tons, she loves picking blueberries and this year she inspired me to get the kids out there and experience the treat.  We are planning an Independence Day Celebration at our place and the kids decided we needed a fruit pizza that looked like an American Flag.  They wanted the blueberries to be the stars so we learned a little about history and math as we counted  50 blueberries to honor our 50 great American states for the dessert.  Sweet Times… Literally….we ate (I mean Finn ate) more than we picked.  We also taste tested the not so ripe berries and they were not sweet (SOUR).

We had fun!

Here’s some small talk I want to record and remember about the children from June…

Dakota Rose –

  • She is very independent and knows what she wants – I’m taking this in stride… it’s a love/hate relationship;)
  • She adored her first church camp<3
  • She is such a helper at home with the boys, and I see her imagination blossoming again playing at home with the boys each day.

Jake Wyatt –

  • So ready and interested in learning… he gets upset if were doing an activity or talking about something important and Finn interrupts us:(
  • becoming braver… He found the courage to jump off the diving board all by himself this month and he goes under now too!:)))) yay Jakey!

Finnley Keith –

  • loving him so baby dolls<3  With 3 new cousins, all girls… he has decided that he’s mr. sweetheart and he can’t get enough of the babies!!! He even brought is sister’s doll to the ballpark with bottle in tow.. ;P too cute- really
  • On another note he also loves eating bugs… indeed he is all boy! Eats every bug he finds- awesome!
  • He’s obsessed with storytelling.  We love hearing what he has to share, it’s always entertaining and never short of potty words… He’s a true story teller. <3

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