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March 28, 2016



A few years ago I remember a specific moment when I felt rescued.  I surrendered my plan for my life and told God that I was ready to find out what his purpose for my life was instead.  Since then, everything has been perfect and my life has been happily ever after… 😉  haha!

Actually, quite the opposite.  I have had to fight for the good things.  My journey has been uncertain, hard, weary, and at times dark.  However, through it all I keep seeing light.  I have a vision of peace, love, and joy.   It’s not the flowers and sunshine kind though… it’s me on a hilltop looking up at a ray of light with a worn shield and some battle scars.  I somehow am not scared.  So long as I’m seeking I’m growing, and not just growing, but finding true identity and authentic happiness.

I have a heavy heart for encouraging others in this life too because it’s tough.  We’re all facing some kind of battle.   I specifically know about the battle women face today.  The battle of trying to be everything.  And to everyone.  Everywhere I go I here women discussing this topic.  The overwhelm. The exhaustion.  The worry.  The comparison. The list goes on… It always bothers me and I am always looking for ways to help make it better or discover ways we can overcome it.

I have really spent a lot of time seeking what my purpose in life is and how I can use my gifts for good.

I know my ultimate purpose is my family but I keep being led to an extension of that…

I’ve looked at my own experiences (failures and successes), strengths, and passions and that has lead me right here.  On a blog.  Sharing a story.  My story.  HIS story.  I have a desire to help women become better and support each other through our journey.  My personal gifts are to share optimism, encouragement, and to teach about womanhood, family, and homemaking.

I hope to make O’Brien Outpost a place women can come for just that.  To be inspired to be intentional with your life, your family, and your home.  My hope is that you make the most of your outpost!

Thanks for reading and please share if you know anyone who might appreciate this content and want to join us here 🙂

all my love,


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