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The Best Way To Spring Clean + Small Talk

April 15, 2016


First of all, put on your favorite music and whistle while you work;) Seriously though …music elevates your mood, keeps your mind busy, and makes the time fly so I always play music while cleaning.  Me and the babes break for dance parties too!

When cleaning out clothes, toys, etc… play the like or love game  ;P.  I don’t tell my kids what I’m doing I’ll just hold something up and say hey do you like this or love this?  If the answer is LOVE, I keep it.  Surprising they will be really honest, so it’s easy to eliminate a lot this way.  I notice what kind of things they are drawn too as well so it helps me for shopping in the future.  Same goes for yourself and your spouse.  If you don’t love it- don’t keep it!  It will take some practice at this, because it’s hard to part with things… Take my word for it :/ but you will notice with time that you have less but better…  which is good.  I’ve been doing this for about a year now and I’m seeing that we’re gradually having better quality things that we’re happier with.

This year, I noticed that Dakota really only loved a handful of things and it was the things she wears on repeat.  I also noticed it was the things I had spent a little more money on but items that had held their size and shape so well that she’s getting longer wear and more wear from those few things.  I’d rather spend money on a few nicer things that get their use than a bunch of things that never see the sunshine:) next month I’ll do a review of what our fav brands and pieces are for spring and summer. Make sure to check back!

I always like to note some things the babes are doing each month  and  keep track of things worth remembering.   Here’s some things that were part of  March…  Small talk 🙂

Dakota Rose-

Begged for baby chicks from her classroom hatch and has taken such good care of them… she loves her animals and through her interest in them has improved on her responsibility and carefulness.

Jake Wyatt-

More interested in discussing Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address than writing his name or knowing what the letter G looks like.  I’m fine with it.  😉

Finnley Keith-

Crawl’s up in my lap every chance he gets, snuggles in close, and says “Mama you so cozy” as he smiles a smile I could never erase from my mind.




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