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Becoming Intentional Has Changed Me Forever… { Part 2 of My Story }

April 29, 2016


My whole life I knew exactly what I wanted… I’m a dreamer and I had a vision.  I was that girl who had my life all planned out… go to college, land the career, marry the man of my dreams, build a beautiful house, have a big family, live happily ever after.  You get the picture… The American Dream.  I think people around me even believed in my fairy tale future because I was voted “most enchanting” for senior class favorites… I know, I know, pretty comical ;P.  Surprisingly enough it started to actually take shape… but sadly I found myself at rock bottom.

Life was good.  I was floating through on a big white cloud believing that it was just that easy.  Things came pretty natural and luckily I had never even heard of “being intentional.”  I had graduated college, worked great jobs and made great connections within the fields I loved.  I had gotten married to a great man, started a family, and began the journey of designing and building our home.  My life had charted a respectable course without needing a whole lot of navigation.  Meanwhile, I began to notice I was slowly loosing control, and the vision of a successful life was starting to blur.  We we’re beyond busy and things weren’t just falling into “happily ever after” place.  It wasn’t the cake walk that I had imagined.  It was hard and draining.  I started noticing my health decline.  I was exhausted, feeling anxiety, and couldn’t sleep.  At first I just blamed it on “the season”, which was partially true… I had 3 babies under 3 at one time!  It started to feel like I was drowning, just trying to stay afloat.  I hated that feeling.  I prayed, hoped people would help me, wished for better days.  I had let things take control of me rather than taking control of things.  Finally though, everything changed when I took ownership of the reality and started “being intentional” with my life.

You see, even though I had the vision of this perfect life.  I couldn’t keep up.  I had originally wanted all these things because I wanted a life well lived with meaning and purpose.  I had the right frame of mind, but its easy to get so busy in it all that you loose track of how to slow it down.  We forget to make the time for what truly matters.  Thankfully I recognized all this early on and knew I wouldn’t be content with myself if I didn’t make a change. From that moment on I started searching.  Searching for how to be my best and offer my best to those around me.  I came across this quote… “Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”  I made a commitment to myself to strive to be the kind of woman I wanted to be remembered as.  I believe we were each given this beautiful life and we have the opportunity for it to be as great as we want to make it.

I emersed myself in books, blogs, podcasts, courses, and conferences to learn as much as I could about being more intentional with life.

It has made a difference.  A big difference.  I have put so much of what I’ve learned into practice and it’s changing the direction and outcome of my life right before my eyes.  I’ve tasted something good and I never want to go back.  The momentum is building and it makes me feel so happy and grateful!  It also makes me want to share what I’m learning.  I know from listening to women around me this is a real struggle many others face.  It’s a hard struggle to take charge of.  We’re simply so overwhelmed we don’t even know where to begin in making time to learn how to create new habits for a better life.

If you’ve read my previous post about MY STORY then you know that I want my blog to be a place intentional women can come for inspiration and ideas to make the life and home they love and live for the most!  I am so excited to let you know that I will be launching my blog officially the first week of June with this mission front and center.  I will have weekly posts with simple ideas for being intentional in family life, homemaking, and womanhood.  If your interested subscribe to the blog HERE and I’ll keep you updated on a cool new project I’m releasing with the launch! I can’t wait to share more of it with you!  Also, I’d love to hear from you so click on the comment symbol below and let me know the biggest struggle you are facing that you would like insight on!  I’d love to talk about it and it gives me a better idea for what to address in future posts 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

lots of love,


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