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November 2, 2016

Filed in: Family Life

The world is but a canvas to the imagination, Henry David Thorough once said.  What would it be like if we couldn’t imagine?  How would it change the world?  It’s an interesting thought during this season…  I hope to teach my children something valuable during this fun time of year.   I want they’re play to be inspired by great things.  I want them to dream up even greater things… isn’t that what imagining is all about?  The imagination is a beautiful and powerful thing.  It’s capabilities… endless.

I spent some time this year thinking about my children’s interests and introduced them to Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea…  We learned a little about them through story and internet and the idea was born to dress up as the great explorers this Halloween.  Along the way they became educated about amazing leaders found in our history and their play was ignited with exciting tales of adventure!

How great it is to I M A G I N E !


off on our Halloween expedition... i think we'll be safe from any of the scary thanks to this brave one


✨the cutest little explorer✨


Lewis, Clark, + Sacajawea They look tough, do you think they'll barter for candy!? ☺️

Live for the Most,



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