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November 22, 2016

Filed in: Homemaking

Gathering around the table, sharing a warm home cooked meal, it just doesn’t get any better!  I grew up going to my grandma’s and feasting on juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and her yummy homemade noodles.  However, when I got married, all of us girls on his side of the family divided holidays and picked one to host.  I chose Thanksgiving because fall is my favorite season + I’m a sucker for all the traditional food!  I seriously wanted to host it just to make sure I could make all the stuff I love to eat;)  I of course made my grandma give me all her recipes so I could remember a little piece of her special meal and carry it with me to my own.


Setting the table with warmth and ambiance is always something else I look forward to.  Here’s how I created our tablescape this year…  Start with these simple steps:

  • a classic white table cloth
  • a festive runner
  • classic white napkins
  • dinnerware
  • flatware
  • glasses
  • foliage
  • candles
  • cozy throw

Don’t think you have to spend lots of money to put together a beautiful table.  I started with basics… I usually use white everything and them add some accent colors using foliage, flowers, candles, or a statement piece.  Which can all be found for very cheap or even found in nature.  I made myself a rule in the beginning to purchase one new thing to add to the table each year… this year it was the candle tapers.  Last year, it was a runner… you get the idea.  Also, you can go cheeper on your basics like dinnerware and glasses until you are able to buy a more quality set.  I bought a lot of mine at garage sells or the dollar store at first because as long as they are all white or clear you can mix and match for lots of guests.  I’ve purchased better quality as time has went on.  I hope this gives you some encouragement and inspiration to create a festive table for your Thanksgiving this year.

Live for the Most,


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