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Set to Serve (3 Ways To Become A Better Hostess)

November 24, 2016

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When I think of the most memorable events, holiday parties, or simple family gatherings I think of the way they made me feel.  What made them so special to me?… Being cared for.  Someone was behind the scenes caring for me and planning for these most cherished moments to take place.


 These are people who seek to serve others and create an atmosphere where nice things can happen.  I’m inspired by servant people, by brilliant hosts.  If there’s one thing that’s become evident to me on my journey to become a better host it’s this…  “If you want to host better, then all you need to do is serve better.”  Serving is more than doing an act for someone, it’s how you care for them and make them feel.


The truest way to become a better hostess is not to have the prettiest tablescape or the best food… although those both help!  It’s to make people feel loved and welcome, to treat them and serve them.  So how can we serve others as a hostess?   Here are a few ideas that will help you get there…

  1. Prepare  –  Ever heard the quote “fail to plan, plan to fail”  I think we’ve all learned that the hard way at some point.  Preparation is key.   
    • Start by getting inspired.  Look for ideas and think about what your guests enjoy.  Make a list or pinboard of ideas that you want to use.
    • Next, set your budget so you stay focused on what’s doable and stay on track when purchasing items.
    • Last, shop for or collect needed supplies and materials for decor, food, and activities.
  2. Create  –  Get everything situated ahead of time to make the environment pleasurable.  
    • Clean or hire cleaning before hand.
    • Make as many food and drink items early  (ask for help on food from those attending or hire catering).
    • Pay attention to details that might stand out like soft music in the background, candles for ambiance,  a special activity, or set out some games.
  3. Attend  –  This is the most important part!!!  
    • Be present.  Engage with your guests.
    • This is the point of doing all the prepping and creating so that you can serve in the moment.  Giving your attention is the most valuable part of being a good hostess and having the ability to genuinely serve others.  It’s what it’s all about!
    • Do the work to plan and create so you can actually attend.

Whether your hosting a dinner this holiday season or not,  maybe there is a way you can help serve?  Also, please share any thought or ideas you have in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

xx, kc

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