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Gifting Made Easy… The Best 3 Steps!

November 27, 2016

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Gifting use to stress me out but a couple years ago I decided to start simplifying things a little so as not to get overwhelmed.  I started also being more selective with the quality of things my children received rather than the quantity.

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Here are 3 ways to make it easy + some links to my favorite gift ideas for the season…

  1. Set A Standard- for me it’s the ole reliable… something they want, something they need, something they wear, and something they read.  This little christmas law has helped me tons to stay focused on what I’m buying and I’ve noticed that my children are very happy with what they recieve.  Keep it simple for yourself;)  We do celebrate the holiday with Santa so he usually brings each child a toy and he has always brought us a family game too;)  As for stockings, they usually have our favorite candy’s and maybe a small couple items…:D
  2. Shop Your Favorites- I use to want to look in every window and scavage all the holiday magazines but that just wastes too much time.  My time is much more valuable than maybe getting 20% extra off that certain toy… I keep myself grounded and on track by shopping at a few select stores for my main purchases.  This is handy for me because I’m someone who knows what I like.  I have a certain style and I don’t feel the need to have to shop around everywhere under the sun.   Speaking of having a certain style… when it comes to choosing toys and games for my kids I have come to realized something I learned in my early childhood education classes is sooooo true.  classic wooden toys and old fashioned games are worth every penny.  My children play ten times more with quality toys over plastic, noisy toys.  In college I read that children need to play with things that absorb their energy not reflect it and after teaching kindergarten and having my own children I know this is so very true.  I love to shop for toys at nordstrom, pbkids, anthropologie, and target because they offer more of the selection I know is right for children.  You can also find great stuff at your local toy stores and on amazon.
  3. Pay attention to what your kids like- sometimes parents can get too caught up in what they like or want to get their kiddos instead of recognizing and listening to what their children enjoy!  Think about what your child always plays with already, what they buy with their allowance, what they read or watch on tv or youtube, and of course what they are actually asking for;)

You will surely win at gifting this year and I promise you will have such better direction and intention if you stick to these tips.  Keep it simple ladies and enjoy the gift of giving!!!

Here are a few pieces we’ve either purchased or would enjoy having.  Note the places purchased because there are lots more goodies if you click through to the store sites.  The widget I used to add these images and links didn’t offer all my favorites so be sure to go to the sites I left listed below the images!  You will find the details from all our photos there;)

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