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A Collection To Keepsake

March 24, 2020

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Such a range of topics on wellness for the kids this season. It’s hard to narrow it down to something specific within each category, but I hope that you find something relatable, funny, or fruitful from this post. From the time I began blogging I have made it a priority to document the cute things the kids are doing or saying along with things I want to note for keepsake. Back when I homeschooled, I’d keep a little notepad for each child and jot down three things at the end of every week… What worked, what needs work, and what’s their interest. These three concepts gave me insight into how things were going and where they were going. It was a super easy way to record happenings. Now I’ve succumbed to a seasonal scrapbook so it’s not quite the same, but the point is… it’ a special sentiment to look back on and have represented. It’s important to me to highlight ways we’ve lived for the most and try my best to leave a legacy that matters. I hope one day my kids can look back and read these entries to take a walk down memory lane or a peak into their past. Here’s some small talk from this winter 2020 season…


Dakota – This season she has started showing a newfound interest in scripture. I notice her wanting to be able to find chapters in the bible better and be more fluent with her understanding. Since she’s confessed her belief, I’ve reminded her a lot that it’s highly important to be spending time with God and growing so she can have the knowledge and experience to be rooted in faith and also disciple others. She’s seeking, which I believe is the best start.

Jake – He loves listening to bible story’s read aloud. He also prays with wisdom and strength that makes my heart smile.

Finn – He asks 206 questions a day about everything imaginable. He is in tune to so much I feel like he teaches me more than I do him.


Dakota – We just had a conversation this week about her finding something to do each morning to spark movement. I really want to see my kids create a habit of exercise in their day. I want them to find whatever form it is that makes them motivated and in shape.

Jake – We’ve been on the look out for Jake to participate in his first race. He loves to run and typically runs daily. He is hoping to compete in a 3k. We’re excited to see his performance. On this note, we have been learning a lot about Jake this season and identifying some perspective on his sensory processing. He requires more grounding in his schedule so routine and fitness play a big part in this. Energy, Rest, and Exercise are key in his structure. He has always struggled with sleeping and so the doctor recommended we start a bedtime routine that includes stretching. I too, have a hard time winding down so Jake and I do a yoga flow routine together most nights and it makes a big difference in calming our body and mind. We are learning a lot more about this area of wellness so I’m sure I will have more to share soon!

Finn – We went to have a dental cleaning recently and poor Finn always seems to have some teeth troubles. It’s funny because he’s the one who takes the best care of his teeth. However, his dentist said just because he’s brushing the most, doesn’t mean he’s brushing the best. The dentist always likes to remind me that children need help brushing until around age 12! So hard huh?! I’m so bad at this mom job, but I try to take it seriously because I’ve unfortunately had the poor experience of needing dental work and it’s not fun. It’s uncomfortable, time sucking, and expensive. Mostly it’s usually preventable. After I learned my lesson the hard way I committed to taking my kids oral health much more serious. I started them in regular check ups and cleanings early on and have tried to teach them the importance of taking care of their teeth. We only get one set to work with so we need to be good to them. Our dentist says the best tip is to not snack between meals. He says that it’s best for food to not sit on the teeth and settle in the cracks. Also a lot depends on the type of foods that are sitting on your teeth. Foods from nature are far less harmful than processed foods. Like most things, it’s seems to be common sense but I know I always appreciate the reminder; ) On a positive note, the kids are looking like we will avoid braces so that’s a major plus!


Dakota – All the money she receives for special occasions or work she does goes to her bank account. She’s so serious about saving for her horse fund.

Jake – He’s the most mindful about money. He understands math well like Jared and makes sense of big picture ideas so much easier than the rest of us. I’m excited to see how he manages his money as he grows.

Finn – If I haven’t seen Finn for a bit, I can bet he’s on the world wide web shopping for well… something! He always has a hole in his pocket this one. At least I know he’s resourceful. ; P


Dakota – She’s been maturing so much this season. She’s coming of age and demanding a bit of credit for it. She doesn’t want to miss a moment and when I’m mindful of this and include her in the mix, she most always toes the mark. I think it’s so important as children enter this stage of development to not shun them away as much as we sometimes feel compelled. It’s more beneficial to allow them to participate and learn. It’s such a big part of their independence growing as well as their confidence. Dakota has been invited more into our grown up family relationships and she’s becoming an active participant in the family dynamic. Giving her more authority or responsibility is something I’m constantly reminding myself she’s ready for… writing this out is actually helping me be even more aware of it. It’s here! It’s time. Pay attention mom! ; P

Jake – The boys have been going through a new phase of fighting… I’m not happy about it, but starting to wrap my brain around it. They have never fought much so it’s been hard to adjust to the new temperaments. Jake is at that 9-10 year age when he’s starting to develop more autonomy and independence. He’s testing out his own opinions and he’s getting annoyed a lot by his younger brother hovering him.

Finn – Finn is in that stage of testing out his strengths and sharing his perspective with others. He wants Jake to support this but Jake is on the opposing side. Often with a controversial clash- lol. I’ve had to intervene with their relationship more than ever and sometimes separate them. It’s been a new season but I’m crossing my fingers that this will pass like most stages. When it happens, I try to teach them about what their going through in order to help them understand their stigma. This usually helps them to know that it’s normal and to handle it with some grace.


Dakota – We had a fun get together for Kody’s birthday and she invited a few friends over for a baking/piping class. She’s also been playing for the school basketball team and a travel team. The girls are making fun memories together.

Jake – We started out with wrestling this winter but ended the season with basketball. Jake enjoyed learning a new sport and hanging with some new friends as well.

Finn – This school year brought Finn some fun classmates. He has two other boys in his room that challenge him and keep school fun. He enjoys the friendly competition and camaraderie.


Dakota – For a while now Dakota has loved to bake and help in the kitchen. She is always hands on and interested in learning how to make things. Often she will even take it upon herself to practice and prepare things for us. I love her independence and ambition. She loves to watch baking shows and we’ve been looking for a local baking class for her. We met a professional baker and food stylist who recently moved to our area from California and I reached out to her to come over and host a little party on piping! Kody invited some friends over for her birthday and they learned all the tips and tools of trade. It was a great experience and we fell in love with our new friend Emily. Not only is she the sweetest person and teacher, but she has an inspiring instagram and website to follow for all things food! Dakota has decided she wants to start an account like Emily too. She and I have started a new social channel called Kody’s Cakestand where I will help guide her in sharing some of her baked goods and adventures! Click here to check it out!

Jake – The boys have been steadily obsessed with football still. Jake even told me the other day that if he doesn’t make it to the NFL, he’d be just as happy to be an announcer on ESPN; )

Finn – When people engage in conversation with Finn about football, they usually feel like they’re talking to a fifty year old. The wealth of knowledge this kid has on stats and players is insane. He absolutely loves it and can’t seem to get enough. I’m considering starting the boys a youtube account just to entertain people with their funny football antics and reviews. I’m afraid to go there because I know they’d wear me out with ideas and content and I would’t be able to keep up!! lol

Thanks so much for reading friends! I hope you enjoyed this small talk. Do you document or scrapbook any record of events? What do you use? How do you keepsake? I’d love to know in the comments – please share!

Living For The Most,


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