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April 7, 2020

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For the last probably five years I’ve been pretty fair at prioritizing fitness. I was always athletic and active when I was young but then once I had the kids I got a bit off center about caring for myself. I started having some pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders from carrying the children and nursing them as babies and I wasn’t doing much to stretch or strengthen what had slowly started to weaken. I came to realize that fitness as an adult was much different than as a child. As a kid I was shuffled to activities, involved in seasonal sports, and participated in p.e. at school. Of course I was in shape! Once those things slowed down, I realized I wasn’t doing anything that contributed to my health with much intention. I still considered myself decently active for an adult and I love to play and have fun, but I even noticed I didn’t have the flexibility and stamina to do as much of that as before.

My chiropractor first told me that my body was changing and it was highly important if I wanted to feel good to make time for exercise and stretching. I won’t say it happened over night… It took lots of trial and error to see what kind of things I stayed motivated with. I think one of the biggest keys for me to stick with it was that I never made it about a certain way I wanted to look. I made it about feeling good and being productive towards my goal. I tried all kinds of things from a work out app on my phone to biking up and down the road… I finally landed on a great exercise called Eccentrics. It’s a combination of toning and stretching, lengthening and balance. It’s similar to yoga but with more flow to the range of motion.

I was born with club feet as a baby and had multiple surgeries to restore my legs. I wore corrective casts until I was one and then corrective shoes until I was 5. Somehow I recovered and was able to play sports and be athletic… even dancing and gymnastics! As my body grew and aged though I began to feel the effects of wear and tear like most. I started getting tendonitis and the doctors recommended I do a lighter style agility like swimming, biking, or band work. They also fitted me for orthotics which I wear in my shoes everyday.

With this specific issue I really embraced Eccentrics because it offers the low impact fitness I need with the right strengthening zones and range of motion. I discovered it by chance while having coffee at a little shop in town. An adorable woman walked by with her mat and a trail of followers and I got in line! Whatever she was teaching, I wanted to know about! ; ) So glad I jumped in because that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. She taught me so much about the body and movement, but mostly about the brain. Yes, the brain is highly involved with this exercise and benefits bonus from it through balance and coordination challenges. Lots of new cells are forming from the movement and mobility of this type of exercise.

On this note, I have always believed movement and activity to be key in living your best life. I read a book by a local man I know called “Right Choices” that highlighted this concept. He mentioned how as we began our journey we have these great plans and vision for how we see our lives take shape. Soon life gets busy and we start having jobs and families and a list of other obligations. Our intentions are to make life great but we soon loose the time and energy it takes from spreading our self so thin trying to make it great. We start sacrificing our health and before we realize it we are doing the exact opposite of what we set out to do. We are in poor health and unable to live for the most with our loved ones or even ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be a groundbreaking beginning. Just start small and be happy with baby steps. Let’s feel good together and choose to be healthy. What kind of activity interests you? Do you have any favorite fitness products or brands? You can find more about Eccentrics here and we use mats from Gathre. My favorite active/comfy clothes I get mostly from Lululemon, Anthro, Nordstrom, or a local favorite like Bearded Goat, Fayettechill, or Gearhead. Swimwear from the same as well!

Living For The Most

-xx Kasey

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