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Summertime Swim

July 13, 2020

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If there’s a staple in our summertime schedule it’s definitely swimming! We try to make time for it daily because it keeps the boredom at bay. Getting the wiggles out is a must when you have children and I find that going outdoors and granting them some free time each day gives us such a better flow of energy around our place.

I’ve had some time now, spending our summers in the water, to find the gear that fits our needs good. I thought I’d share what we use and love in hopes of giving you some inspiration as to what to invest in for your own water play!

The boys love their native slip ons for water shoes… I originally purchased these a few years back as regular summer shoes but discovered how well they work with water. The boys insist on wearing them 24/7 because their durable and comfy plus easy to slide on and off… I could hardly stop them from wearing them to school this past winter- Haha! Dakota prefers chacos for her water shoes and she’s loving the newest style with fewer straps this year. I must say the design is tempting me too… It’s more flattering on the feet and the colors are super cool! Jared and I have Teva’s which we have been happy with for the past few years as well. I think we’re leaning toward the chacos next time around though. They just have more durability and the design is getting better and better all the time.

For suits we usually find the boys trunks at our favorite local outdoor store called Gearhead Outfitters in NWA. I also have good luck with searching patagonia or north face on nordstrom. I prefer these brands because they use a material that dries out quickly which helps with boys because they like to wear them to play around after they swim. They also love the fit and I like the color choices!

Dakota’s suit came from Zara this year. I’m finding it hard to fit her in this stage because she’s too big for child clothing but yet to small for teenage and adult stuff. I have had good luck with everything I’ve bought at Zara. Their goods are made with quality and the prices are really reasonable as well!

My suit this year came from Hatch, a maternity company. I pledged not to purchase very many maternity things this go round, but a bathing suit was a must. I love the flattering fit and the color is fun too. I’m thinking it might even look fine for next year after the tummy is tightened back up.. It seems to be a style that will work for my normal figure. I’ve been trying to buy products this pregnancy that I’ll be able to wear after the birth so as not to waste much on things that I won’t use later.

A few other necessities for creekin it are a beach bag, a cooler, towels, water bottles, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, a bluetooth waterproof speaker, hats, chairs, a scarf or hair tie, tubes, goggles, kayaks, and life vests.

Hope you’re all living for the most and doing some swimming this summer!

xx, Kasey

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