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It was mid spring when we discovered we were expecting. We hadn’t planned to have a fourth child, but we we’re always fine with it happening. Jared and I have never been the type to close the door on having more children. We love a big family and enjoy our kids very much. However, Jared […]

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January 20, 2021

Baby Leif’s Home Birth Story

As much as we were anticipating going back to school and activities this year with being on break for so long, I still knew to expect hard times to come. With all newness and transition come some hiccups. When my kids were really young I was just beginning to learn about their moods and figuring […]

family wellness

October 13, 2020

How I’m Learning To Mind My Kids’ Mood Swings…

Ever had something on your mind for a long time? Like years? I have been brainstorming about a concept for about two years now and I’ve mentioned it a time or two before… I’m finally ready to share more of what I’ve been shaping! It’s an e-course, a field guide of sorts called, “Planting The […]

family wellness

August 28, 2020

Planting The Seeds Of Your Story… Grow Passion Into Purpose

We celebrated father’s day this month and it was a significant one after losing my own dad recently. Jared lost his dad at age fourteen so he has had quite a long while to ponder on the nature a father’s role brings into a family. To each of us, fatherhood is valued deeply. We’ve felt […]

family wellness

July 7, 2020


Recently we’ve endured some challenging and heavy times. On top of losing my dad, we’ve faced so many other new changes and responsibilities. From the virus pandemic to social issues, not to mention the weight of expecting another baby, lots of things are heavy on our minds and souls. Jared carries a lot of this […]

family wellness

June 13, 2020

Making Music

SMALL TALK Such a range of topics on wellness for the kids this season. It’s hard to narrow it down to something specific within each category, but I hope that you find something relatable, funny, or fruitful from this post. From the time I began blogging I have made it a priority to document the […]

family wellness

March 24, 2020

A Collection To Keepsake

As I’ve been reflecting on my wellness this season, I can’t help but notice there has been a theme. It’s a theme that I have little experience with, but have been forced to acknowledge, accept, and learn from. A couple of months ago my dad was diagnosed with grade four glioblastoma (an aggressive brain tumor.) […]

family wellness

February 6, 2020

A Story Of Suffering

As I was creating an outline for this post and reflecting on our family wellness this month I couldn’t help but notice a theme amongst it all. Our family is going through a lot of transitions. The kind that I’ve been aware of, but still kinda sneak up and take hold. I’ve felt forced to […]

family wellness

October 17, 2019

A Time Of Transition

I thought I’d try something new this season and take down some notes on what’s working to keep our family well. I’m always brainstorming ways to make the content I create here more personable, useful, and transparent. I felt like this was a fun way to share some of our story that might be helpful […]

family wellness

September 19, 2019

Ways We’re Keeping Well

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