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Have you noticed that the Honest Company has a new line of cleaning products???  YES!!!  I have adored the Honest brand for a while, so when I saw their cleaning line I was so happy.  I know it’s so important to educate ourselves on more natural alternatives and cleaning products at home are a huge […]


August 11, 2015


July pretty much looked like this.  Hot summer days had us in the water as much as possible.  Between our creek bank and papa’s pool we stayed cool.  The kids love the outdoors and they are finally all getting big enough where it feels a little easier to get out to the water with them. […]

Family Life

August 7, 2015

Small Talk July 2015

Its sneaking up on us again… back to school time:)  Does anyone else ever get a little overwhelmed shopping for your kids each season?  It gets tough picking out a few new things and balancing with what they already have huh??? Over the past year I’ve made it so much easier on myself and it […]


August 4, 2015

Back to School Shopping…

This weekend we hosted our very own Independence Day Bash!  It was a blast and sometimes you just feel that special feeling when something is right… we felt it, and decided for sure that this is a new family tradition! When were young, traditions are so valuable to us.  We look forward to each expecting […]

Family Life

July 6, 2015

Starting A Family Tradition…

Hey friends! For a long time now, I’ve been in the season of “BUSY MOMMY”…  it’s hard to find time to even comb my hair let alone read a book, work out, or enjoy some quite time.  Every mom is different and every mom knows their boundaries and limits, so for me, I knew it […]


July 3, 2015

Take Care of Yourself…

Here latley I’ve been feeling like I needed to update my blog a bit so I began with my about page.  To see the refreshed page just click on the about at the top of this page.

Family Life, Homemaking, Womanhood

July 2, 2015

What I’m All About…

This month has been interesting… adjusting to no school, slow mornings, late nights, and lots of summer adventures! It’s also blueberry season in these parts so we set out to do some picking this week… My parents have a blueberry farm so that’s convenient…;) Mom always brings me tons, she loves picking blueberries and this […]

Family Life

July 1, 2015

Small Talk… June 2015

Okay, so most of you know that I LOVE HOME… and all that it entails…. I recently had an interview with Pottery Barn and I wanted to share some important insights with you. Let’s all agree that they are a beautiful company that has a clear mission about what their purpose is..  They want people […]


July 1, 2015

Awesome news for you and your home…via Pottery Barn

Never thought of myself as an entrepreneur until I began blogging… I have always been the type of person who has known what I wanted and went after it… I knew my career choice as a young person and I attended college, graduated and went straight to work. I soon realized that something just didn’t […]

Family Life, Womanhood

July 1, 2015


Hey guys!  I’m going to get really personal on this blog post because its a post that I’m writing to help me develop as a blogger and grow my ideas for what to blog about. I’ve been blogging a good six months now to get a feel for how to blog, what I like to […]

Family Life, Womanhood

July 1, 2015

a blog challenge…

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