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Pick out your outfit before anyone else’s and then plan around that. I’ve heard this so many times before and then I started practicing it and I must say it works! When mama’s happy everyone’s happy- right?! 😂 Choose a photographer that suits your style. If you have traditional taste go with that- If you […]

family wear

January 21, 2021

Five Tips For Family Photos

It was mid spring when we discovered we were expecting. We hadn’t planned to have a fourth child, but we we’re always fine with it happening. Jared and I have never been the type to close the door on having more children. We love a big family and enjoy our kids very much. However, Jared […]

family wellness

January 20, 2021

Baby Leif’s Home Birth Story

I shared in a recent social media post that I diffuse essential oils to keep the air hydrated and purified around our home. We have a wood burning fireplace so a diffuser/air purifier is a must to keep the air from getting too dry. I discovered some amazing oils from Huckberry a few years back […]

family haven

November 24, 2020

Autumn Aroma

I’ve been slow to type this post because there is so much I’ve thought about sharing from our girls getaway, it’s hard to narrow it down or know where to begin. This trip was in the making for months. I started noticing changes in my little girl over the past year, and as things developed […]

family adventure

November 10, 2020

Cedar Creek Spa And A Girl Coming Of Age

It’s been so long since my last pregnancy I came to realize how much I’ve changed in my ways over the years… My taste and style hasn’t shifted much, but more the way I approach it has. With our first baby I remember Jared taking me shopping at the maternity store and helping me pick […]

family wear

October 16, 2020

My Maternity Uniform

As much as we were anticipating going back to school and activities this year with being on break for so long, I still knew to expect hard times to come. With all newness and transition come some hiccups. When my kids were really young I was just beginning to learn about their moods and figuring […]

family wellness

October 13, 2020

How I’m Learning To Mind My Kids’ Mood Swings…

Over the summer I worked on refreshing our work and play spaces… It’s always nice to have designated areas for these things especially when working from home or when having kiddos around. I think it’s a key to productivity and organization to be able to go to a space and have all the things you […]

family haven

September 16, 2020

Personalizing My Workspace

Jared and I have been married long enough to experience the trouble of losing connection. It sounds so awful when I type it out, but it’s something that happens to the best of us, and watch out because it creeps up on you before you catch it! It’s been the most sneaky during this pandemic […]

family adventure

September 8, 2020

Staying Connected To Your Spouse

A quick post today on a new deodorant I’ve discovered! I hesitated to post about it because I figured everyone has already heard of it or uses it, but in case you were like me and had about given up on natural deodorant this one won me over! My sister came to visit this summer […]

family wear

September 4, 2020

Natural And Native

Ever had something on your mind for a long time? Like years? I have been brainstorming about a concept for about two years now and I’ve mentioned it a time or two before… I’m finally ready to share more of what I’ve been shaping! It’s an e-course, a field guide of sorts called, “Planting The […]

family wellness

August 28, 2020

Planting The Seeds Of Your Story… Grow Passion Into Purpose

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