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We celebrated father’s day this month and it was a significant one after losing my own dad recently. Jared lost his dad at age fourteen so he has had quite a long while to ponder on the nature a father’s role brings into a family. To each of us, fatherhood is valued deeply. We’ve felt […]

family wellness

July 7, 2020


If you’re anything like me you’re always envisioning getting more done. Unfortunately, I’m always falling short of my aspirations. Ha! I tend to think I can accomplish more than I actually can. Not only is this true in projects and goals but also in having access to the tools and resources to get there. Luckily, […]

family haven

July 3, 2020

Everyday Easy

My family went through a big life change this past year with my dad’s brain tumor. Our whole world was turned upside down and we were forced to face a lot of new and unknown territories. It’s of course not something anyone ever hopes to go through, but after painstakingly and patiently living it out, […]

family adventure

June 16, 2020

A Day Away… Eureka Springs

Recently we’ve endured some challenging and heavy times. On top of losing my dad, we’ve faced so many other new changes and responsibilities. From the virus pandemic to social issues, not to mention the weight of expecting another baby, lots of things are heavy on our minds and souls. Jared carries a lot of this […]

family wellness

June 13, 2020

Making Music

The spring/summer collection of Mabo got me again. I just adore their kids wear! The quality and style is seriously unmatched and I kinda love that they make clothes up to Dakota’s age. It’s so tough finding tween clothing that’s timeless. I also love that the things I have bought from them wash up so […]

family wear

June 9, 2020

Mabo… And Soon a Mini Mabo!

I try to bring something fresh into our space that inspires me from the season. This year I’m settling on adding a sustainable perspective. Rather than changing decor each season as a refreshment, I’m starting to think in a more timeless way. I’m searching for things that compliment the season but can also live on […]

family haven

May 22, 2020


In the midst of such an unusual time in our lives as we deal with staying home and social distancing I think we all find ourselves going a bit stir crazy. There’s no better time to designate a day or just listen to your needs and get lost from life a little. We’re fortunate to […]

family adventure

April 15, 2020

Retreat + Reset

For the last probably five years I’ve been pretty fair at prioritizing fitness. I was always athletic and active when I was young but then once I had the kids I got a bit off center about caring for myself. I started having some pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders from carrying the […]

family wear

April 7, 2020

Fitness Favorites

SMALL TALK Such a range of topics on wellness for the kids this season. It’s hard to narrow it down to something specific within each category, but I hope that you find something relatable, funny, or fruitful from this post. From the time I began blogging I have made it a priority to document the […]

family wellness

March 24, 2020

A Collection To Keepsake

This past month I worked on refreshing our bath space. We have been running ragged on towels and everyone is always looking for a towel or holloring downstairs that we’re out of clean ones. I updated that situation… I read somewhere that you should have 2-3 towels for each member of the family that way […]

family haven

March 5, 2020

A Satisfying Bath Space

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